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A Day in the Life of Jimi Crayon

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 05/05/2011 @ 17:09
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Jimi Crayon is part of the Monorex collective, a crew who have gone from organising the legendary Secret Wars live art battles to working with the likes of Devlin, Adidas and Example. In this photo blog, Jimi shows us what he gets up to over 24 hours in the heart of East London’s art scene…

Today I’m doing some drawing with Example to promo our Sketch event. He is top at drawing chillies.

Didn't show you my desk before so this is it. Flash right? No? Ok fine… a lot gets done here though!

My Devlin video has just been signed off and has gone live. I directed it and built the set myself. London's great for sourcing this sort of stuff.

I've just seen a new app has gone live for Adidas based on a mural we did a few months back. Here we are working on it.

I sometimes go to Patisserie Valerie for ice cream or milkshakes; they're the best in London in my opinion, standard.

It’s hot so we hit the roof with some cold beverages - this is where I come for a beer.

After the roof it's custom to make the pilgrimage down to 'The Golden Heart' pub my favourite place to sit and attempt to chat up girls.

Jimi Crayon and the Monorex collective are taking part in the Nando’s xPERimental Sketch event, which takes place at the Barge House, OXO Tower Wharf on Sunday 22nd May. This event gives children aged 12-18 the chance to learn from the professionals and create their own pieces of art. To get involved with Nando’s xPERimental Sketch, head to


by  astronia  30/05/2011 @ 06:52
good job men! Lets do it again !
by  Jimmy654  20/08/2011 @ 21:15
He has great talent and unique idea
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