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A Real Treasure at Mahiki

Posted by: Kelly Hussey 17/03/2008 @ 16:32
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OK, so we at ViewLondon aren’t particularly au fait with the whole spending a mini fortune on a drink. However, we have to admit that we can’t help but get excited at this new offering from one of our favourite clubs – Mahiki.

That’s right fellow cocktail-lovers! Mahiki has come up with a new concept in cocktails. You’re probably already familiar with the Treasure Chest – a £100 cocktail that comes, unsurprisingly, served in a treasure chest. Well, their new offering really has our tastebuds going into overdrive (unfortunately, it’s also doing the same to our wallets!) with the oh so exciting Mahiki Armada Treasure Chest!

You know how much we enjoy a good cocktail. So we’re really excited about this new addition to the already excellent Mahiki cocktail menu. Now, take a deep breath, this doesn’t come cheap. A whopping £650 for a chest that serves up to eight people, it may sound a little extortionate, but get this… For every guest who orders one of these bad boys, they’ll get their name or nickname hand painted on the ceiling of Mahiki to remain there for all to see. Now that’s cool!

OK, so we’re a little swayed by gimmicks. However, the cocktail itself sound pretty special (we’re not THAT shallow!). It’s a mix of Trafalgar Limited Edition Pussers Rum (aged for 15 years and damn fine) and a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne (yup, pretty much the best Champagne there is). This is presented inside a beautiful 24 carat gold-plated treasure chest at the cost of £3000 (please God, don’t let us get drunk and fall onto the expensive chest!). It took Mahiki designer Chris Moon a painstaking six months to design and complete it – now there’s dedication.

So it may take us a few months to save up, but we’re heading along to Mahiki. Yup, we really want our names on the ceiling, but go on, admit it – you do, too!

Ours will be the Armada Treasure Chest, please.


by  Anonymous  02/04/2008 @ 17:32
£650 quid for a cocktail? Its worrying what people will spend their money on.
by  cheekytiki  03/04/2008 @ 14:44
Please note Chris Moon is not the designer of Mahiki he was merely a labourer on site who got given an oportunity and took advantage.
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