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A Spoiler-Filled Take on Indy and Casting The Avengers

Posted by: Matthew Turner 29/05/2008 @ 12:07
Subject: Film

Films seen so far this year: 158
Films seen this week: Chemical Wedding, The Omega Man (which I'd never seen), Theodora Goes Wild, Sex and the City, The Wackness

Postscript: Indiana Jones reaction
A word of warning: this post contains SPOILERS so if you still haven't seen the film then please look away now…

Still here? Well, don't say I didn't warn you. A few weeks ago, I posted about how I was really dreading Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Perspex Skull. Well, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared and it didn't have me cursing and gnashing my teeth the way The Phantom Menace did but it wasn't anywhere near as good as it should have been. Also, I was right about the stupid aliens. Here are some other things that annoyed me that I couldn't fit into the review:

1. The Crystal Skull itself looks really crap! It looks like they knocked it up out of plastic, stuffed it with clingfilm and stuck a tiny light bulb in it. My theory is that the props guys and the CGI guys both thought the other group were doing the final version and the one we see is something the props guys knocked up for the actors to hold.
2. As much as I loved the early bits with Indy and Marion, as soon as the chase ends she's reduced to grinning like a mental for the rest of the film. That's not the Marion we know and love! Couldn't they be bothered to write her a bit feistier? Driving a truck off a cliff doesn't count.
3. I really hated Shia LaBeouf's Marlon Brando get-up at the beginning (compare photos here and here).
4. The bit where Indy escapes the nuclear blast by hiding in a fridge annoyed me too. I think they stole this from 24, where Jack Bauer escapes a nuclear explosion by hiding behind a rock.
5. The finale was incredibly disappointing, partly because the whole collapsing / flooding city of treasure thing has been done to death since Last Crusade. Also, I'd have like to see Irina get the mind-control powers she'd been after, if only briefly. Ho hum.

Anyway, after the huge box office takings, would anyone like to place a bet on how long it'll take for them to announce Son of Indiana Jones?

Fantasy Casting: The Avengers
After the phenomenal box-office success of Iron Man ($252 million and still counting), Marvel Studios were quick to announce a new slate of superhero movies including Captain America, The Mighty Thor, Ant-Man and The Avengers. It's assumed that the individual films will be linked by Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury recruiting for the Avengers (as in the post-credits Iron Man scene) and that Robert Downey Jnr and Edward Norton will both reprise their roles as Iron Man and The Hulk (though that could change between now and 2011). However, with no actors currently announced for any of the other movies, comic-book fans and film fans alike have gone into a frenzy of fantasy casting.

So let's throw this open – who do you think should play a) Captain America, b) Thor and c) Ant Man? Personally, I'd like to see Josh Brolin as Cap, Brad Pitt as Thor and Steve Buscemi as Ant-Man. As a bonus Avengers question, which other Avengers should be in the movie? My vote would go to The Wasp, The Vision, Black Widow and The Scarlet Witch. And oh, go on then, Hawkeye as well.

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):

Only a couple of changes this week, with Change of Address and Sex and the City pushing out Indiana Jones and Happy-Go-Lucky. There Will Be Blood (my favourite film of the year so far) has continues its run at the Prince Charles, while this could be the final week for The Orphanage and XXY.

1. There Will Be Blood
2. Persepolis
3. Iron Man
4. Change of Address
5. Charlie Bartlett
6. Caramel
7. Shotgun Stories
8. Sex and the City
9. The Orphanage
10. XXY

DVD of the Week: Dexter (out now, RRP £34.99)

In a slight departure from the norm, this week's DVD of the Week is the Dexter box-set. If you've missed Dexter on TV (both on F/X and ITV), this is the perfect chance to catch up before the even better second season begins. The problem with Dexter is that the initial description of it ("It's about a forensic cop who's also a serial killer!") makes it sound rubbish, but it's brilliantly written, darkly funny, incredibly tense (particularly in the later episodes), superbly shot and beautifully acted by Michael C Hall (Six Feet Under) and a top-notch supporting cast. It also has one of the best credits sequences of any TV show ever (see below). The extras are a bit rubbish though – just two commentaries.


by  Anonymous  29/05/2008 @ 12:19
Oh my God I LOVED Iron Man and am a new comic book movie convert... Thanks for the heads up about the post-credits scene Matt Turner, I'd have left otherwise!

Can't wait to check out Indie, even with the aliens, and you're totally on the money with Dexter - it was an incredibly complex series, who knew you could care about the 'bad guy'!

My tips? Captain America - Josh Hartnet (if he built himself up a built), Thor - The Rock, lol!, and Ant Man - Steve Buscemi DEFINITELY!
by  will  29/05/2008 @ 12:42
Dexter looks good and I've also heard good things from mates about it.

I think Dolph Lundgren would've made a good Thor! Yeah I agree the Black Widow would be a welcome inclusion :)
by  Anonymous  29/05/2008 @ 13:29
I definitely can't see Brad Pitt starring in a superhero film - he's much too busy with Angelina and kiddies to be in a blockbuster flick!
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