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BAFTA Results and What’s Next for the Coen Brothers

Posted by: Matthew Turner 14/02/2008 @ 12:32
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Awards season: The BAFTAs
So, the BAFTAs have come and gone in what must surely be one of the fairest ceremonies in years, with almost all the main films picking up a prize in what seemed like the most appropriate category for each. Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor as expected but I was delighted that Marion Cotillard did indeed win Best Actress for La Vie En Rose - I may actually have whooped. I was equally pleased for the Coen Brothers (Best Director) and Javier Bardem (Best Supporting Actor), though I'd have liked Saoirse Ronan to win Best Supporting Actress rather than Tilda Swinton. Other than that, it all panned out very nicely: Juno and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly deservedly took the screenplay awards, while Atonement compensated for its losses elsewhere by taking Best Film and Shane Meadows picked up Best British Film for This Is England. Also, although he officially won for No Country For Old Men, I'm choosing to believe that Roger Deakins won Best Cinematography for his outstanding work in The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford as well. Criminally, this award was only tacked on at the end during an “other awards presented this evening” montage rather than shown in full – what is the red button FOR, exactly, if not for a full, unexpurgated awards ceremony? Poor show, BBC. Poor.

What next for the Coen Brothers?
Fresh from their BAFTA success, the Coen Brothers have announced their latest project - they are to adapt and direct Michael Chabon's best-seller The Yiddish Policeman's Union for the big screen. Unusually for me (considering it's still in hardback), I've actually read it, so I'm doubly excited as its combination of noir-ish mystery and dark Jewish comedy (set in an alternate reality Alaska, no less) seems ideally suited to the Coen Brothers' quirky sensibilities. In the meantime, their next film will be the eagerly awaited Burn After Reading, starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney, in a comedy-drama about a CIA agent whose memoirs accidentally end up in the hands of two unscrupulous gym employees. However, I also hope they still get to make Hail Caesar (currently still listed on the imdb), about a 1920s theatre troupe staging a production of Julius Caesar, though that seems to be on the back burner for now.

Top 5 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):

1. There Will Be Blood
2. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
3. No Country For Old Men
4. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
5. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

DVD of the Week: Kenny (out now, RRP £15.99)

Criminally overlooked on its theatrical release, Kenny deserves to find a home on DVD, because it's quite simply one of the funniest films of last year. Shane Jacobson stars as loveable portaloo worker Kenny and the film follows him around, documentary-style, as he goes about his (and other people's) daily business. The DVD features no less than eleven deleted scenes, a behind the scenes featurette (called “Lifting the Lid”) and an amusing commentary with both the director (Shane's brother Clayton) and Shane in character as Kenny.


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