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Bras, Gordon Ramsay and Casinos

Posted by: Kelly Hussey 05/06/2008 @ 16:01
Subject: Clubs

Top Club
All the big stars have been going to Dolce when they’re in town in recent weeks – Paris Hilton held a party here for the launch of her new perfume Can Can, porn star Jenna Jameson was seen knocking back the vodka when she was in town and Jay Sean was there a fortnight ago for his album launch. Swedish beauty Victoria Silvstedt hosted last night, and over the weekend the Nordic theme is continuing with DJ Andreas Aguree taking over on Friday night, then hip DJ duo Bodyrox on Saturday. It’s a stunning line-up to match a pretty stunning venue – I’ve said it before, but those tacky waterfalls are such a brilliant touch!

Top Bar
I had a lovely reminder of how much fun it is to get your gamble on with a visit to Fifty St James’ this week. After a bit of a flutter on the roulette tables, I was desperate for some alcoholic refreshment to numb the pain of losing, so I headed for the bar and was delighted to find London’s best mixologist (in my opinion, anyway) Salvatore Calabrese was on hand to mix me a Godfrey. This is a real man’s cocktail with cognac, Grand Marnier and a lingering blackberry flavour. If you can get into this venue, then do, the cocktails are a rare treat and worth every penny.

Top 5
My Top 5 this week have earned their places, and I promise you a good night if you check out these options.
1. Amika
After playing host to the afterparty for the Bar and Club Awards, Amika is planning big things for the weekend for the winners of Best Promoter (Veneer) with a filthy electro night from DJs Shane Checkly, Richie and Oli Collins.
2. Kingly Club St Martins Lane
This stunning venue opens its doors for bookings this week, so check out their on-site restaurant Kyashii for the best pan-Asian food in town!
3. Crystal Club
Hit the headlines after playing host to a rather drunk Mel B and Mary J Blige on Tuesday.
4. 50 Dover Street
It’s taken a while for me to warm to this venue, but I love the handsome footballers and glamorous girlies this place packs in.
5. The Valmont Club
This trendy Fulham basement club is a well-kept secret, and celebrities such as Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy enjoy coming here because it’s discreet and off the paparazzi trail. 


by  annamarie  06/06/2008 @ 12:17
Only u wud ask celebrities about there underwear!!!!!!!
by  annamarie  07/06/2008 @ 01:40
Only u would ask celebrities about their lingerie!!
by  Anonymous  11/06/2008 @ 01:07
u met salvatore? hes the godfather!

is it true kate moss is going to this vogue ball tomorrow?
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