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Breaking Dawn Part 1 Teaser Trailer

Posted by: Matthew Turner 10/06/2011 @ 14:59
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Films seen so far this year: 181
Films seen in the last week: Bad Teacher, Got to Run, Incendies, Larry Crowne, Life in a Day, Bridesmaids (again), Beginners, The Beaver


A Good Face For Radio or How Twitter Changed My Life
If you are somehow not following me on Twitter (@FilmFan1971 – all views my own, etc) or missed the announcement on the official ViewLondon Twitter feed, then you might not know that yesterday I went on the radio (BBC Radio Scotland's Movie Cafe) for the very first time to talk about Christian Marclay's The Clock and the 13 hours I spent watching it (which regular readers may remember that I blogged about
and archived the Clock-based tweets). Despite telling myself that there was nothing to be nervous about and that it was just like podcasting really, I was still a bit nervous as I sat in the radio studio waiting for the link-up, but it turned out to be a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. (It wasn't like podcasting, though, as it turned out, because I wasn't able to see the two other people on the show, which meant that I was oddly aware of having to rely on my ears, but it all worked out in the end anyway).

If you missed the show, you can catch it here (I'm on from more or less the start). Afterwards, I got to thinking how being invited onto the radio show was yet another example of Things That Would Never Have Happened Without Twitter. For example, earlier in the year, I was asked to contribute to this book on London Film locations (pre-order your copy now, etc) and I have also just become the Social Network Marketing Co-ordinator for bratwurst emporium Herman ze German (Their wurst is ze best!), purely because I tweet about them so much. It's also fair to say that an entire community of friendly film-based Twitterers has sprung up over the last couple of years, which has changed things in all sorts of ways and has lead to me meeting all sorts of new and interesting people, both film-based and non-film-based. So, yes. Twitter. Big fan. Hurrah for Twitter. And so on.

Trailerwatch: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
I have watched the trailer for Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (the first half of the fourth and final part of The Twilight Saga, but really, if you need me to explain that, which rock have you been hiding under for the last four years and is there room under there for me?) three times now and it just keeps getting funnier every time I watch it.

First off, I love the montage of different reactions to people receiving the invite to Bella and Edward's wedding: Dad - thoughtful; Mom -happy; Volturi (hang on, who invited the Volturi?) - mischievous; Jacob - RAGE, expressed through medium of shirtless running in rain, followed by wolf transformation, naturally. I see Jacob hasn't ditched those TERRIBLE trousers yet, either. There's a shot of the wedding guests at the 0m57s mark, but I couldn't spot the Volturi – maybe they're planning a spectacular “STOP THIS WEDDING!” style entrance, like in EastEnders?
Or maybe they're happy about it? It's hard to tell with the Volturi.

Anyway, after a brief shot of Bella's face at the wedding (full view of dress withheld, obviously), we go straight into ze honeymoon and a couple of hilarious looking sex scenes (Edward breaking a headboard WITH HIS BARE HANDS mid-coitus; a shag in a picturesque-looking plunge pool by a waterfall), then there are a couple of fights (I can't tell who's throwing who at 1m27s, but I think that's Edward punching Jacob into a bookcase at 1m35s) before the hilarity really kicks in at 1m40s, with an obviously pregnant Bella exclaiming “That's impossible.”

Now, I haven't read the books, but obviously it's not that impossible, because they have quite clearly been DOING IT, what with all the plunge-pool and headboard shenanigans we glimpsed earlier. So I'm assuming it's some sort of rapidly-accelerated pregnancy rather than Bella not knowing where babies come from. Okay, so I'm being facetious – I do know the plot, really (thanks, Wikipedia!) and I have to say, I'm really looking forward to seeing how they pull off that “imprinting” scene with a straight face. Or will we have to wait for Part 2 for that? Anyway, Part 1 opens on 18th November, so only five more months to go, Twilight fans!

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
Only one new entry this week, with just French thriller Point Blank (not to be confused with the John Boorman/Lee Marvin classic – something I didn't have space to point out in the review) making it into the top ten. I do want to flag up Donor Unknown again though, as I feel it got rather swamped by the double-whammy of X-Men and Senna last week. Interview-wise we have two new ones this week: an exclusive interview with the director (Jerry Rothwell) and central subject (JoEllen Marsh) of Donor Unknown and an exclusive interview with Honey 2 co-star Melissa Molinario (who proved to be utterly delightful and I'm kicking myself for not getting a photo like everyone else seems to have done.

Elsewhere you can still read our epic 45 minute long interview with Senna director Asif Kapadia (a must-read if you've seen the film) and our press conference interviews with X-Men: First Class stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Kevin Bacon, as well as our Pirates 4 interviews with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz and our press Thor interviews with director Kenneth Branagh and stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.

No blog next week as I'll be in Edinburgh, but I highly recommend Bridesmaids, Potiche, Life in A Day and Stakeland over the next couple of weeks. Also, stop back here soon for our Bridesmaids interviews.

1. X-Men: First Class
2. Senna
3. Donor Unknown
4. Point Blank
5. Love Like Poison
6. Thor
7. Hanna
8. Heartbeats
9. Win Win
10. Life, Above All

DVD of the Week: True Grit (out 13th June, RRP £9.99)
This week's DVD of the Week is the Coen Brothers' Oscar-nominated western remake True Grit, which is still my favourite film of the year so far. Based on the novel by Charles Portis (as was the 1969 John Wayne film), the film stars Hailee Steinfeld as feisty 14-year-old Mattie Ross, who recruits boozy, one-eyed US Marshal Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) to help track down her father's killer, outlaw Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin).

Steinfeld anchors the film with an assured and deservedly Oscar-nominated turn that's full of surprises; the scene where she reveals her horse-trading skills (“I admire your sand, Missy ...”) is an early highlight that gives a taste of the many delights to come. Damon is equally good, while Bridges (also Oscar nominated) is on career-best form, deliberately mumbling his lines (it sounds annoying, but it works) and somehow managing to fuse elements of both The Big Lebowski's The Dude and John Wayne's Oscar-winning performance into something simultaneously distinct and yet comfortingly familiar.

The film is also beautifully shot and scored and the frequently funny script crackles with delicious dialogue, most of which actually comes direct from the source novel, despite sounding like classic Coen Brothers material. It's also packed with memorable scenes while maintaining a pleasingly old-fashioned, traditional Western feel throughout. In short, this is a hugely enjoyable, pleasingly old-fashioned Western that gets everything right, thanks to a superb script, impeccable direction and a trio of terrific performances from Steinfeld, Damon and Bridges. Highly recommended.

Extras: a Making Of featurette, apparently, although I wasn't able to get hold of a review copy, so I can't speak for its length or quality.


by  AlanCurfew  16/06/2011 @ 13:55
True Grit was amazing. I totally agree Matthew. Dare I say better than the original...?
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