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Captain America Costume

Posted by: Matthew Turner 11/06/2010 @ 11:38
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Superhero News: Captain America and Thor costumes revealed
As comics fans everywhere are no doubt already aware, last week saw the release of detailed production drawings of the costumes for both the upcoming Captain America and Thor movies. The Captain America costume is particularly impressive. I've blogged about the costume before and I was sceptical that it could be made to look anything other than ridiculous, at least if they went with the classic costume as shown here or, worse, any of the costumes from the TV movies / serials. However, they appear to have done an excellent job with designs that retain the feel of the character and are vaguely reminiscent of his 1940s origins. The only things missing are the wings on his headpiece, though, surprisingly, the Captain America fan community have yet to raise much of a fuss. Will the movie end with Cap “getting his wings”?
We'll have to wait and see. As for the Thor costume, one can only hope there's still a bit more work to be done because, to me, he looks a little bit too much like a stage magician and not enough like the God of Thunder. Although, again, the original costume is also fairly ridiculous, so it's a tough balance to strike.

Films I'm Dying To See: Inception
I hadn't seen a trailer for Christopher Nolan's eagerly-awaited Inception since the teaser, which I featured here a few months ago, so I was utterly blown away by the most recent full-length trailer, which I saw last week before a screening of Woody Allen's Whatever Works. (Thank you, Warner Brothers!) I missed the release of the second trailer (here) but, frankly, I'm glad I did, as the new one is much better. At least now we have some idea of the concept behind the film and who all the characters are: DiCaprio as a sort of secret agent whose job is to steal secret information from people's dreams, Ellen Page as his protege, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as his co-worker (and possible enemy), Michael Caine as his boss and Marillon Cotillard as, I'm assuming, DiCaprio's character's wife or girlfriend. The visuals are utterly stunning - I love the dreamscape flying apart behind DiCaprio and Page as they sit in the cafe, the shot of the city curving up into a circle, the shot we'd already seen of Gordon-Levitt falling through a corridor and the shot towards the end of the ruined city falling into the sea. It looks like a genuinely original, intelligent sci-fi thriller that's packed full of both action and ideas. As such, it's shot right to the top of my Dying To See list, just ahead of Scott Pilgrim. Opens here July 16th and I can't wait. Also, if I miss the multimedia screening because of being in Edinburgh, I'm going to be mad as all hell...

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
Four new entries this week, largely because Dogtooth and How To Train Your Dragon have mostly disappeared from cinemas. The new entries include: Noah Baumbach's enjoyable character study Greenberg (starring Ben Stiller), Shed Your Tears And Walk Away (a moving British documentary about the rise of alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide in Hebden Bridge), Christopher Smith's medieval thriller-slash-horror Black Death (starring Sean Bean) and New York cop thriller Brooklyn's Finest, starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle and Ethan Hawke. Elsewhere, you can read our exclusive interview with rising star Kimberley Nixon (the new Carey Mulligan, I'm saying) here and you can still read our interview with the lovely Gemma Arterton (who, tragically, got married recently) here.

Short Film Of The Week: Spike Jonze's How They Get There
DVDs are somewhat thin on the ground this week (at least as far as available review copies are concerned) so here's a Short Film Of The Week instead. Directed by Spike Jonze, How They Get There is a charming, funny and beautifully timed short about what happens when a goofy guy (Mark Gonzalez of skateboarding fame) spots an equally goofy girl on the other side of the street. The meaning of the title will become clear by the end of the film (and it's only two minutes and six seconds long, which is my kind of short). I love the way the actions are sort of half timed to the music and the way it goes from goofy and charming to something else entirely without missing a beat. Make more films, Spike Jonze!


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