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Captain America Teaser

Posted by: Matthew Turner 18/03/2011 @ 16:17
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Posterwatch: A Worrying Trend
When the UK posters for Megamind came out, I mentioned in passing on Twitter that they struck me as slightly misleading, since they imply that Megamind has a son and that the main character will be sharing the screen with a baby Megamind character. In fact, the US posters did the same thing, giving Baby Megamind his own character poster even though the character only appears as a baby for a very short period of time at the beginning of the film (roughly the same amount of time Superman appears as a baby in the Superman movies). However, since then, there has been a worrying trend towards posters that are actively misleading, to the point that anyone going to see the film on the strength of the poster (or, in some cases, the tag-line or publicity quote) would have a right to feel cheated. Here are four of the worst examples.

1. The poster for No Strings Attached. My problem with this is that the “Can Sex Friends Stay Best Friends?” tag-line (leaving aside the fact that “Sex Friends” is an obvious attempt to avoid saying “Fuck Buddies” - the film's one-time title) strongly implies that the main couple are best friends before they enter into their casual sex relationship. In fact, they're not best friends at all – they've met precisely three times before they start shagging, so there's nothing at stake for either character if everything goes wrong. A film about best friends sleeping together and risking the loss of their friendship is something that hasn't been seen before and something I'd have been curious to see.

Hopefully the upcoming Friends With Benefits (starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in essentially the same story) will get it right.
Incidentally, the existence of multiple tag-lines for the No Strings Attached poster suggests that there was a certain amount of uncertainty over the whole issue.

2. The poster for The Resident. Compare the UK poster with the US poster. This one's a bit more understandable, since the film is made by Hammer and they're obviously keen to trade in on the fact that Christopher Lee is in the film, but the poster makes it look as if the film is about Hilary Swank getting terrorised by Christopher Lee, whereas in fact he's only in it for a few minutes. Again, if I'd paid to see Christopher Lee terrorising Hilary Swank because of that poster I'd be very annoyed indeed.

3. The poster for The Adjustment Bureau. A double-offender, this one, particularly if you were hoping to see the dress that Emily Blunt is wearing in the poster, since she is not dressed in evening garb during the running scenes and at no point wears a dress that colour. However, the main problem this time is with the UK publicity quote, which loudly trumpets “Bourne meets Inception!” apparently from a review by Total Film. I can only suggest that the reviewer in question hadn't yet seen the film and was previewing the film from images and plot details, because the film is only like Bourne in that it's got Matt Damon in it and it's only like Inception in that ... er ... well, it isn't like Inception. At all. Given that editors have to sign off poster quotes, this all looks very suspicious. Hang your heads in shame, Total Film. The poster also implies much more of a chase/action movie and that's not the case either.

4. The poster for All American Orgy. Okay, to be fair, I haven't seen this film, but I am reliably informed by someone who has that the lingerie model prominently positioned on the poster does not appear in the film at any point. Okay, that's probably enough Poster RAGE for now, but watch this space ...

Trailerwatch: Captain America: The First Avenger teaser
I had thought there might be a proper full-length trailer for Captain America by now, but apparently there isn't. I hope the seemingly overdue trailer isn't a bad sign or anything like that. At any rate, the 30 second teaser that played during the Superbowl recently has raised my expectations pretty damn high, with my only reservation (also the source of the fear with regard to the overdue trailer) being that the CGI effects used to make pre-super-soldier-serum Chris Evans look skinny and weedy, look very dodgy indeed. Still, there's a lot to like and my doubts about the onscreen feasibility of the winged headpiece costume have been largely allayed.

Other great things from the teaser: Tommy Lee Jones (playing Colonel Chester Phillips, according to the imdb, Stanley Tucci (as super-serum inventor Abraham Erskine), a tantalising glimpse of the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) in full costume/make-up at the 0m24s mark (since released as a proper photo and visible here) and Hayley Attwell looking smoking hot in 1940s get-up as Peggy Carter (Cap's love interest). I love the shield scenes too. I'm a huge fan of director Joe Johnston (he made The Rocketeer, after all) and I trust him to deliver on the action sequences and the look of the film.

The cast list on the imdb is new to me and I'm intrigued by the presence of Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes (in the comics, Bucky was Cap's Robin-like costumed sidekick before meeting a traumatic end involving a torpedo) and by JJ Field as “Union Jack” suggesting there'll be other super-types in the film too. It's also worth noting that Dominic Cooper is playing Howard Stark, better known to comics fans as Iron Man/Tony Stark's dad. The film opens here on 29th July and I can't wait, although I still need to see that full-length trailer first ...

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
It's all change this week, with no less than five new entries into the top ten. Well, okay, I bumped the likes of Black Swan, Tangled and The Fighter, all of which are still out there if by some reason you haven't seen them yet, but anyway, the new entries include: Richard Ayoade's wonderful coming-of-age comedy-drama Submarine, British feel-good romcom Chalet Girl (starring Felicity Jones and Ed Westwick), Lance Hammer's independent drama Ballast, Ken Loach's powerfully political thriller Route Irish and glossy Matthew McConaughey legal thriller The Lincoln Lawyer.

Interview-wise, we have exclusive interviews with the cast Chalet Girl (Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick and Tamsin Egerton), an exclusive interview with Ken Loach and Route Irish star Mark Womack here, exclusive interviews with the star and director of Archipelago (Tom Hiddleston and Joanna Hogg, respectively) and you can still read our round table interview with James Purefoy (for Ironclad). We also have press conference interviews with the director, producer and stars (Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell coming soon) of next week's The Eagle.

1. True Grit
2. Submarine
3. Animal Kingdom
4. Unknown
5. Archipelago
6. Chalet Girl
7. Ballast
8. Route Irish
9. Rango
10. The Lincoln Lawyer

DVD of the Week: City Island (out 28th March , RRP £15.99)
This week's DVD of the Week is City Island, written and directed by Raymond de Felitta. Andy Garcia stars as Vince Rizzo, a City Island corrections officer who dreams of being an actor and secretly attends acting classes in Manhattan, preferring to tell his fiery-tempered wife Joyce (Julianna Margulies) that he's playing poker instead. However, acting isn't Vince's only secret – when he discovers that one of his inmates, Tony (Steven Strait), is his adult son from a previous relationship, he brings him home to live with his family, without telling anyone – including Tony – who he really is. In fact, Vince isn't the only member of his family with something to hide – his student daughter Vivian (Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Garcia's real-life daughter) is moonlighting as a stripper and his teenage son Vince Jnr (Ezra Miller) is developing a fetish for obese women. Meanwhile, Joyce finds herself falling for Tony's frequently shirtless charms and Vince starts spending a lot of time with fellow acting student Molly (Emily Mortimer), who has a secret of her own.

Andy Garcia is terrific as Vince, nailing the distinctive City Island accent and delivering a warm-hearted and emotionally engaging performance that's amongst his very best work. Julianna Margulies is equally amazing, seizing the opportunity to play something other than her goody-goody TV persona (The Good Wife) and effortlessly demonstrating that she's one of Hollywood's best unsung actresses. In addition, the sharply-written, frequently funny script crackles with great dialogue and keeps you thoroughly hooked throughout, throwing in several surprises and ensuring that none of the scenes play out quite the way you expect. In short, this is a thoroughly enjoyable, emotionally engaging family drama with a superb script and terrific performances from a note-perfect ensemble cast. Highly recommended.

Extras include: a featurette (Dinner with the Rizzos), deleted scenes and the trailer.


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