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Dreading Indy and Waiting for War

Posted by: Matthew Turner 03/04/2008 @ 18:42
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Dreading Indiana Jones: A Rant
Don't get me wrong - I love the Indiana Jones movies. If Lucas, Spielberg and Ford had made the fourth film three years after the last one, I'd be as excited as all hell. However, there are three big factors at work that are really making me dread the new one. 1) The trailer – see below. Try as I might, I just can't get excited about it. I'm not feeling the love. Yeah, sure, the hat, the theme tune, the whip, I know I SHOULD be excited, but I'm not. If the trailer is even halfway representative of the final film I'm going to be very disappointed. Is that the best they can do? 2) Star Wars, episodes 1, 2 and 3, aka The Lucas Factor. I'm sorry, but after the massively disappointing Star Wars prequels, I just don't trust George Lucas anymore. I have slightly more faith in Spielberg (and he's directing, after all) but let's not forget that Spielberg is the one who took all the guns out of E.T. and replaced them with walkie-talkies. 3) Aliens. If the rumours are true and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull does indeed turn out to be all about aliens (“Roswell” is written on the box in the trailer) then, well, it's just going to suck. I don't want to see Indiana Jones fighting aliens! Leave that to Doctor Who or Flash Gordon or even Mulder and Scully. Would James Bond fight aliens? No, he would not. And neither should Indiana Jones. Having said that, I am willing, no, I am desperate to be proved wrong on this. But I refuse to get my hopes up.

Films I'm Looking Forward To: War, Inc.
A friend of mine drew my attention to this the other day. War, Inc. isn't an official sequel to Grosse Pointe Blank but the fact that John Cusack is playing a hitman and Joan Cusack is playing his handler strongly suggests that you can see it that way if you want to. It also features Marisa Tomei (never a bad thing), Hilary Duff as a Central Asian pop star prone to putting scorpions in her jeans, and Ben Kingsley (occasionally a bad thing) as a Cheney-alike. Besides, you've got to love a movie that features dancing amputees...

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):

No change to the top five again this week. Out of the Blue is no longer on general release, so Son of Rambow sneaks into sixth place.

1. There Will Be Blood
2. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
3. No Country For Old Men
4. The Orphanage
5. 27 Dresses
6. Son of Rambow
7. The Spiderwick Chronicles
8. You, the Living
9. Lars and the Real Girl
10. Juno

DVD of the Week: Southland Tales (out now, RRP £19.99)

If ever a movie deserved a second chance, it's Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly's Southland Tales. Love it or hate it (and reviewers mostly hated it on release), it's a hugely ambitious apocalyptic sci-fi thriller-slash-black comedy-slash-musical that's surely destined for cult status. It's not perfect, by any means, but it has a terrific cast and it's packed with weird ideas and memorably offbeat moments. The DVD has a decent 30 minute Making Of documentary that sheds light on some of the special effects and basically has everyone from the crew to the actors admitting that they still don't really understand what it's all about. Sadly though, there are no deleted scenes (a shame, considering how much of it was cut out after its disastrous showing at Cannes a couple of years ago), no bloopers and, crucially, no commentary from Richard Kelly. Still, as with David Lynch's films, trying to figure it all out for yourself is part of the fun...


by  Anonymous  07/04/2008 @ 16:49
Hmm, i doubt they can capture the original Indiana Jones magic after such a long time... and Harrison Ford is getting on a bit!
by  Nathan  09/04/2008 @ 10:48
Er, Mr Turner, you seem to forget that in the last film there was a knight who was hundreds of years old because he drank from the cup of some bloke called jesus. That is no more far fetched than aliens. And besides - its Indy! He can do anything he wants and if wants to fight aliens he will damn well fight aliens.
by  will  10/04/2008 @ 12:54
Are you saying Aliens aren't real Nathan? :)

I agree that the whole Lucas factor is a bit worrying. I just hope he hasn't overused the blue/green screen for this.
by  Anonymous  10/04/2008 @ 17:24
i've seen an alien so they are real.
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