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Posted by: Matthew Turner 12/03/2010 @ 17:29
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Films seen so far this year: 77
Films seen this week: The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights, The Spy Next Door, Hachi: A Dog's Tale, The Ape, Date Night, The Killer Inside Me

Five Random Things I Found On The Internet This Week
1. This very funny spoof trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever. LEAD FEMALE'S NAME! Catchphrase!

2. This fabulous collection of rarely seen or unusual photos of Marilyn Monroe. As I think I've mentioned before, it's well worth bookmarking and easily my favourite photo blog on the internets.

3. Cherry Bomb video. At the risk of turning this into a Dakota Fanning / Kristen Stewart-heavy blog this week (see Eclipse trailer below), there's this fabulous video for Cherry Bomb from the upcoming film The Runaways, which I featured in the Films I'm Looking Forward To section a couple of weeks ago. For comparison's sake, there's also this video (and several more on YouTube) of the real life band playing the same song. The likeness between Joan Jett (briefly glimpsed, in red) and Kristen Stewart is striking, while Fanning definitely seems to have all the moves down for Cherry Currie. I really can't wait to see this.

4. This excellent new poster for Toy Story 3, making it look as if all the characters are crammed into a toy chest. It's worth clicking through the other photos in that collection to see images of the new characters in the film, such as Twitch and Ken.

5. The John Hughes memorial montage from the Oscars. The clips start at 2:05, but it's worth watching the whole thing for the introduction by Molly Ringwald (still hot) and Matthew Broderick and then the moment when the Breakfast Club are reunited on stage at the end. Yes, that really is Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall.You'll get old one day too, you know.

Trailerwatch: The Twilight Saga – Eclipse
Attention, Twilight fans! This week saw the release of the trailer for Eclipse, widely regarded as the best of the Twilight books, at least according to my extensive research of asking a couple of, ahem, Twi-hards. It's a short trailer rather than the usual two and a half minutes but there's enough here to get excited about, assuming you made it beyond the words “The Twilight Saga”. The plot seems to hinge on three key elements. First, the return of the Volturi, led by tiny but deadly Dakota Fanning. To my mind, Fanning was the best thing about New Moon, so this is already a good thing. Apparently they're not pleased that Bella's not a vampire yet and intend to do something about it, Volturi-style.

Secondly, there's the return of flame-haired evil vampiress Victoria and the trailer reveals what she's been up to since the end of the first film: she's been morphing into Bryce Dallas Howard (taking over from Rachelle Lefevre) and practising her long-jumping skills. And thirdly, Bella has to wrestle with two huge decisions: 1) Team Edward or Team Jacob (the trailer knows its market – Taylor Lautner's shirt comes off at the 1 minute 20 second mark) and 2) if she picks Team Edward, should she become a vampire? There's also the whole thing about her choice potentially igniting a war between the vampires and the werewolves, but the trailer doesn't mention that, for some reason. It opens in the US on June 30th and the UK on July 9th.

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
Three new entries this week with the excellent Swedish thriller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (top ten of the year for me, so far – I haven't read the book yet but I will do very soon), Martin Scorsese's superb thriller Shutter Island and Bernard Rose's graphic (both sexually and violently) adaptation of Tolstoy's The Kreutzer Sonata all making it into the top ten. Elsewhere, you can read our press conference interviews with Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley.

1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
2. A Prophet
3. Shutter Island
4. Ondine
5. Exit Through the Gift Shop
6. Crazy Heart
7. MicMacs
8. Ponyo
9. The Princess and the Frog
10. The Kreutzer Sonata

DVD of the Week: Zombieland (out Monday 15th March, RRP £15.99)
This week's DVD of the Week is Zombieland, the comedy horror (or zom-com) directed by Ruben Fleischer. Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson star as two survivors of a zombie apocalypse, who team up with scamming sisters Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin and try and make it to a California theme park without getting their brains eaten. (How awesome is it that My Good Friend Jesse Eisenberg made Zombieland right after Adventureland? Answer: very awesome). With terrific performances from its four perfectly cast leads (not to mention a cameo appearance that is pure genius), this is a superbly written, inventively directed comedy that's packed with hilarious gags from start to finish, from witty, quotable one-liners to brilliant visual gags and enjoyable set-pieces. The excellent extras package includes: a commentary with director, writers, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, seven deleted scenes, two Making Of featurettes (15 minutes and 11 minutes, both of which feature interviews with all four leads), visual effects progression scenes and trailers. Highly recommended.


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