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Edinburgh Film Fest Report and The Crummy Mummy

Posted by: Matthew Turner 19/06/2008 @ 15:22
Subject: Film

Films seen so far this year: 190
Films seen this week: Wanted, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Couscous, Her Name Is Sabine, Before the Rains, Time to Die, Elegy, Helen, Red, Just Another Love Story, Somers Town, Three Miles North of Molkom, The Edge of Love

Edinburgh Film Festival: Progress Report
This blog comes to you direct from the Edinburgh Film Festival, which kicked off in fine style last night with The Edge of Love. I did see both Keira (skinny, gorgeous) and Sienna (very smiley) at the Gala screening, but sadly didn't get to meet them at the party afterwards. So far I've seen eight films (see list above), half of which were excellent. I plan to see about 44 more over the next eight days, although I missed a screening this morning due to over-indulging at the Opening Night Party last night. Free Guinness! Who thought THAT was a good idea? (Actually, I did – in previous years I've repeatedly begged anyone who'd listen to make Guinness a festival sponsor so I guess all my wheedling paid off.) Anyway, I'll be doing a review a day for our sister site ViewEdinburgh.co.uk and mini-reviews of everything else at my Edinburgh Film Festival blog.

Films I'm NOT Looking Forward To: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
If there's one franchise I'm thoroughly tired of it's the bloody Mummy franchise. I'm bored of Brendan Fraser's bargain basement Indiana Jones routine and I'm even more bored of John Hannah's non-comedy shenanigans, both of which appear to be in abundance in the threequel. It looks like Rachel Weisz has had the good sense to jump ship rather than face yet another unconvincing CGI army and rather than write her character out (or kill her off), the role is being played by Maria Bello, who's gamely gone brunette for the part. Also, you know, it seems a bit dense to still call it The Mummy when the movie a) takes place in China and b) doesn't appear to actually feature a Mummy. Having said that, although the CGI looks very dodgy in the trailer, I'm excited by the fact that Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh are in it and I do like the look of the CGI Yeti (about 1 minute 19 seconds in).

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
After the rush of decent new films last week, there are loads of good films out this week too, so there are several changes to the top ten but nothing to dislodge the top five. Horror fans are particularly well served this week: Teeth is an excellent teen comedy-horror in the Ginger Snaps vein, while The Ruins is a ridiculous but fun flick about MAN-EATING KILLER VINES! Also worth seeing are Couscous (French-Arabian family drama), Adulthood (Noel Clarke's sequel to Kidulthood – read our interviews with Clarke here and co-star Scarlett Alice Vicky-From-EastEnders Johnson here) and Edinburgh Film Festival opener The Edge of Love.

1. In Search of a Midnight Kiss
2. Priceless
3. Persepolis
4. Iron Man
5. Gone Baby Gone
6. Teeth
7. Couscous
8. Adulthood
9. The Ruins
10. The Edge of Love

DVD of the Week: The Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition Box Set (out now, RRP £39.99)

Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, you should do, because this week's DVD of the Week is The Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition Box Set, which includes Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, Sudden Impact and The Dead Pool (always a good trivia question, because people never remember the last one). Clint Eastwood stars as unorthodox (and, some might say, slightly fascistic) homicide cop "Dirty" Harry Callahan and it's particularly interesting to rewatch Dirty Harry in light of the recent Zodiac. It's true that the films diminish in quality as they go along (Dirty Harry easily the best, The Dead Pool pretty awful) but this is still a terrific set with tonnes of great extras, including commentaries on each of the five films (none by Eastwood, unfortunately, though there is one by Magnum Force writer John Milius) and several new documentaries and featurettes. Recommended.


by  Anonymous  19/06/2008 @ 21:18
Hmmm. Sienna's not looking very smiley there.
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