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Green Hornet Trailer

Posted by: Matthew Turner 09/07/2010 @ 13:45
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Films seen so far this year: 244
Films seen this week: Frownland, Dog Pound, Predators, The Karate Kid, Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema, The Seventh Dimension, New York I Love You, Frozen, The A-Team

Goodbye, Mister Bond
Sad news for Bond fans this week, with the announcement that Bond 23 has been indefinitely cancelled amid financial problems (i.e. a reported £2.4 billion debt) at movie studio MGM. Both star Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes are reportedly optimistic about the film still being made, though how long it will take is anybody's guess and both men have already moved on to other projects. Meanwhile, MGM are focussing all their attention on trying to get the similarly troubled (still no confirmed director or start date) Hobbit movie into production, though that's looking increasingly precarious too. The Bond news has sparked predictable pieces about whether it's time to put Bond out to pasture but, though I can't say I was confident or excited about the prospect of a Sam Mendes-directed Bond (I'm a fan of Sam Mendes, but he did seem an odd choice), I'll definitely be sad if this means that Daniel Craig ends up getting the push.

Still, who knows? Maybe some multi-billionaire Bond fan will step in and help MGM out? It's a shame Tarantino doesn't have that kind of cash – if he did, maybe we'd finally get to see the 60s-style Bond project he occasionally goes on about. It's also a shame that the Broccoli estate  (who keep the rights to Bond closely guarded) aren't a little more adventurous when it comes to Bond films. A Tarantino Bond film would be undeniably awesome, but what about letting a few other directors loose on the franchise too? A David Lynch Bond? A Tim Burton Bond? A Spielberg Bond? Or, even better, a Woody Allen James Bond, although, arguably, we've already had that - see the video below, at 42 seconds in.

Trailerwatch: The Green Hornet
Speaking of unusual matches of director and project, I was surprised to discover that Michel Gondry is the director of the upcoming Green Hornet movie. I can't see any particularly Gondry-esque touches in the trailer (What? No cotton wool horse? No giant hands?), but it looks like it might be fun and I like the idea of Seth Rogen as a Batman-esque crimefighter. It actually looks remarkably faithful to the 1960s Bruce Lee-starring TV series, with the one obvious disappointment that the trailer doesn't feature the wonderful theme tune. I haven't heard of Chinese actor Jay Chou (taking Bruce Lee's role as Kato) before, but he looks great in the trailer and if the film's a hit, he could end up becoming the new Jet Li or something. The cast also features Cameron Diaz (as secretary Lenore Case), Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmos and Christoph Waltz, so there's a fair amount to be excited about. Also, I'll admit it, I laughed at the gas gun joke. It doesn't open here until Jan 2011 but hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
Three new entries this week, with adultery drama Leaving (starring Kristin Scott Thomas and featuring the glorious return of Sergi Lopez), South African gangster thriller Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema and post-7/7 drama London River (starring Brenda Blethyn) all making it into the top ten. I've bumped The Killer Inside Me because it's currently only showing at one London cinema, but it's still out there if you haven't seen it yet. That said, Bad Lieutenant, Greenberg and Tetro are all either in or approaching their second runs, so there's a limited amount of time left to see them on the big screen.

Elsewhere, we have a treat for Eclipse fans in the shape of press conference interviews with Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen), Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen), Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) and Alex Meraz (wolfpack Paul) and there's also a brief YouTube clip here from the same conference, as well as some photos here.

1. Bad Lieutenant
2. Heartbreaker
3. Skeletons
4. Greenberg
5. Leaving
6. Tetro
7. Shrek Forever After
8. Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema
9. White Material
10. London River

DVD Of The Week: Youth In Revolt (released Monday 12th July, RRP £17.99)
This week's DVD of the week is Youth In Revolt, based on the cult novel by C.D. Payne. Michael Cera as teenager Nick Twisp, who lives with his divorced mother Estelle (Jean Smart) and her slacker boyfriend Jerry (Zach Galifianakis) and dreams of losing his virginity. When he meets the delectable Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday) on a trailerpark holiday, Nick falls hopelessly in love, but geography stands in their way, so with the help of bad boy alter ego Francois (also Cera), Nick puts a series of schemes in motion so that they can be together. Cera is terrific as Nick, adding a welcome shade of darkness to his usual clean-cut screen persona. The support cast are excellent too, particularly Doubleday, Steve Buscemi (as Nick's dad) and Ray Liotta as Estelle's cop boyfriend Lance.

In addition, Miguel Arteta proves the ideal choice of director, nailing the book's blackly comic, occasionally nihilistic tone and delivering an adaptation that's about as faithful as you could possibly expect a 90 minute film version of a three-volume book to be. The superb extras package includes: a director's commentary by Miguel Arteta; 10 minutes of excellent deleted scenes (including more claymation bits, a great scene between Sheeni and Nick and, as I suspected, more of Erik Knudsen as Lefty); deleted and extended animation sequences; the trailer; and cast auditions for Portia Doubleday, Zach Galifianakis (Jerry), Erik Knudsen, Jonathan B. Wright (Trent) and Adhir Kalyan (Vijay). Highly recommended then, but not quite as highly recommended as the book, which is utterly brilliant. Sadly, the film doesn't seem to have done well enough to generate a sequel, but I live in hope.


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