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Lawless Trailer and Sherlock Holmes 2 DVD Release

Posted by: Matthew Turner 18/05/2012 @ 10:58
Subject: Film

Total films seen so far this year: 140
Films seen in the last week: Piranha 3DD, Top Cat, Tortoise In Love, The Dictator, Salute, Moonrise Kingdom

FILMS OF THE WEEK: The Raid and She Monkeys

Five Random Avengers-related Things
With the record-breaking box office success of The Avengers (it's really hard to keep calling it Avengers Assemble) continuing apace (there was this plus, it looks like it's going to reach a billion dollars worldwide in just three weeks), it's no surprise that the film seems to be catching people's imaginations and hardly a day goes by without some new Avengers-related thing popping up on the internets. With that in mind, here are Five Random Avengers-related Things I Found On The Internets this week.

1. Like many people my age (and indeed, any age), I was saddened to hear of the death of Maurice Sendak (author of childhood classics Where The Wild Things Are and In The Night Kitchen) last week. The internet tends to move fast in these cases and within hours, someone had posted this lovely drawing of the Avengers in the Sendak style. I particularly love Thor in that picture. If you can't get enough of Marvel/Sendak mash-ups there is also this fantastic Sendak Hulk (featuring both green and grey Hulks, so extra points for Hulk nerdery

2. The Avengers abridged script. The snarkiness slightly outweighs the good jokes (“Did you just punch me with your
hair?”) but it's still worth a read.

3. Hot on the heels of the Sendak picture came this very cute 'What if The Avengers was a Pixar film?' picture. Extra points if you can spot which films they've stolen all the characters from. Although, I have to say, Iron Man as Kirk Douglas (I forget what he was called in Up, but COME ON, that's Kirk Douglas) is inspired.

4. This is rather lovely too: the Avengers (and other Marvel
superheroes) in a Ren & Stimpy-style animated cartoon.

5. The Shwarma scene. As you may or may not be aware, US audiences got an extra post-credits scene in the form of this specially shot sequence of the Avengers all going for a kebab (based on a line in the film). Watch it quick before it gets taken down.

Films I Am Dying To See: Lawless
It's strange the way certain films make it onto your (okay, my) radar and others don't. While I was aware that Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf (spelling tip: it's like Beowulf, with UF at the end) had made a film together and I was also aware that various people both in real-life and on my Twitter feed were excited to see a film called Lawless, I hadn't realised either that it was the same film or that it was a Prohibition era drama. So I've only just watched the trailer and now it's rocketed to the top (or near the top) of my Dying To See list.

Firstly, I am a sucker for a Prohibition era drama anyway (if you haven't seen Boardwalk Empire, watch Boardwalk Empire) and secondly, with Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce on board, this looks like it could be really great. The story (based on real people) seems to be fairly simple: LaBeouf and Hardy play the boot-legging Bondurant brothers in Franklin County, Virginia. They're targeted by the ruthless authorities (Pearce, possibly Oldman – it's not clear which side of the law he's on), who appear to want a cut of the profits. The film also stars two of Hollywood's most exciting new (or relatively new) actresses: Jessica Chastain (*heavy sigh*) and Mia Wasiskowska, though quite how much of a look-in either of them will get into what is quite obviously a bit of a sausage-fest is anybody's guess.

I'm encouraged by the director too – Australian John Hillcoat made The Proposition and The Road, which were both extremely stylish and extremely dark and I trust him to deliver in terms of gunfights, punch-ups, general violence and so on. My only reservation, looking at the trailer, is that there seems to be something weird going on with Guy Pearce's face and I can't quite work out what it is. Also, that shot of Jessica Chastain at the 2m21s mark needs better lighting. No UK release date for it yet, but I would think it's a good bet for the London Film Festival. I'm also going to call a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for Gary Oldman right now, because if I'm wrong, nobody will remember, and if I'm right, I'll get to be smug as hell.

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):Three new entries this week, with Indonesian kick-ass ass-kicking thriller The Raid, Swedish coming-of-age drama She Monkeys and Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Dictator (which, if I gave halves, would have been a three and a half this week – normally I round up, but for some reason I rounded down, so there it is) all making it into the top ten.

I will also put in a good word for both political drama Even The Rain (starring My Good Friend Gael Garcia Bernal) and Julie Delpy's 2 Days In New York. Regular readers (both of you) may remember that I was excited to watch Piranha 3DD last week and was confidently predicting it would be in the list. Sadly, that's not the case because it was RUBBISH. Nobody even got eaten by piranhas! I mean, honestly. Talk about a disappointment. I am still not really over it.

Interview-wise this week we have a semi-exclusive interview with Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais, the director and star of The Raid and an exclusive interview with Lisa Aschan, Swedish director of She Monkeys. Elsewhere, you can still read: our exclusive interview with Damsels in Distress director Whit Stillman; an exclusive interview with horse whisperer Buck Brannaman (subject of Buck); press conference interviews with most of the Avengers; a press conference interview with Robert Redford (who was over for Sundance); an exclusive interview with The Monk director Dominik Moll; and semi-exclusive interviews with American Pie Reunion stars Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge; Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Chris Klein; and directors Hayden Schlossberg and Jon Hurwitz.

We also have an exclusive interview with Marley director Kevin Macdonald; a press conference interview with Salmon Fishing in the Yemen stars Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt; our exclusive interviews with Battleship star Taylor Kitsch and director Pete Berg; an exclusive interview with Return (and Freaks & Geeks) star Linda Cardellini; and an exclusive interview with Gideon Defoe, author of The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists.

Come back next week for an exclusive interview with Paul Duane, director of Barbaric Genius.

1. Avengers Assemble
2. The Kid With A Bike
3. Damsels in Distress
4. The Hunger Games
5. The Raid
6. She Monkeys
7. Goodbye First Love
8. The Cabin in the Woods
9. Jeff Who Lives At Home
10. The Dictator

DVD/Blu-Ray of the Week: Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game Of Shadows (out now, online RRP £11.99-£15.99 DVD/Blu-Ray)
This week's DVD/Blu-Ray of the week is Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows, the sequel to Guy Ritchie's 2009 hit, which successfully rebooted the Sherlock Holmes franchise. After uncovering a vital clue (and having a deadly fight with a Cossack) at Doctor Watson's (Jude Law) stag do, Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jnr) uncovers a dastardly plot by his silky-voiced nemesis Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) and drags Watson across Europe on a quest that will take them to Paris, Germany and ultimately Switzerland's Reichenbach Falls (a destination well known by Holmes fans).

One of the pleasures of the 2009 film was the amusingly homoerotic chemistry between Downey Jnr's perfectly cast Holmes and Law's excellent Watson, so naturally, that's been ratcheted up a notch for the sequel, to the point where they actually have a fight during which Watson rips Sherlock's clothes off. In addition, Ritchie delivers some enjoyable set-pieces and pulls off a couple of hilarious comedy moments, most notably a rather brilliant off-the-wall extended gag involving a Shetland Pony. On top of that, Holmes and Moriarty's confrontations are nicely handled and the finale is suitably satisfying. That said, the film is at least 30 minutes too long and Ritchie really overdoes the whizz-bang editing on the fight sequences, to the point where they're no longer enjoyable to watch.

It's also fair to say that the women (Noomi Rapace, Kelly Reilly and a cameoing Rachel McAdams) all get short shrift, with Rapace in particular given almost nothing interesting to do. Plus, would it have killed them to write in a bit more actual sleuthing? In short, despite its flaws, this is an entertaining sequel thanks to an amusing script, some decent set pieces and industrial strength chemistry between the two (male) leads.

DVD extras include three featurettes (Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: A Perfect Chemistry, Moriarty's Master Plan Unleashed and Holmes-a-vision on Steroids), while the Blu-Ray has the above plus those plus four more featurettes: Holmes Without Borders, Sherlock Holmes: Under the Gypsy Spell, Meet Mycroft Holmes and, um, Guy Ritchie's Well-Oiled Machine. No commentary, gag reel or deleted scenes though, which is a bit of a shame.


by  Charlotte C  18/05/2012 @ 13:59
Guy Pearce's face = weird jowl lines (possibly prosthetic) plus blonde or no eyebrows.
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