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Marc Burton's Guide to London

Posted by: LauraRichards1 17/10/2012 @ 14:46
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Nightlife entrepreneur Marc Burton and business partner Guy Pelly are just about set to launch a wild, Mexican bar, Tonteria, onto an audience of unsuspecting Sloanies. This lively bar styled on a South American hacienda will be yet another notch on Marc Burton's designer-label belt - after founding Whisky Mist, Burton took to the helm at Brompton Brands, a group that manages salubrious Mahiki, The Brompton Club and The Rose Club, to name but a few. He's no stranger to the London nightlife scene, then, and here, he talks us through his favourite haunts in Chelsea and thereabouts, reserved for times when he and Pelly aren't partying in their own bars and clubs with the likes of Prince Harry, of course.  

Bars and Pubs
Mamounia Lounge
I don’t drink, so I’m rarely found in a pub! Mamounia Lounge in Knightsbridge, however, has a great bar and relaxing atmosphere. 

Little House
Little House in Mayfair always feels so homely and is the perfect setting for a quiet drink.

Ping in Earl's Court is lively and gets pretty competitive when the ping pong matches turn to beer pong.

For Japanese I always head to Sumosan - the combination of the hospitality from Sergey [Markin, head chef] and the food is exquisite. The lobster salad is unbeatable and highly addictive.

Colbert Chelsea or Cote
Being half French and about to open Tonteria in the area, I often lunch at Colbert and Cote on Sloane Square. It’s very hard to find a great steak tartare in London and both offer this.

Electric Bar and Brasserie
For Sunday brunch, The Electric Brasserie in Notting Hill is always a favourite and I’m looking forward to it re-opening soon.

For Italian, Banca is a hidden gem as the food is authentic and delicious.

Soon when it opens, Tonteria will be one of the most fun places in London (but I would say that, wouldn’t I!).

Cirque du Soir
This last year I’ve always enjoyed the entertainment and surprise of Cirque du Soir and the hospitality from Top Hat Tom, the owner.

The Box
The Box, for similar reasons, is always a laugh and especially good for taking friends who are visiting from out of town. 

For live music it has to be Roundhouse.

Things to do

Black Rat Gallery and StolenSpace
I’m a big urban art fan so I enjoy admiring the ever-changing street art in east London and attending art shows at Black Rat Gallery and D Face’s gallery StolenSpace.

English National Ballet
When invited, I enjoy watching my girlfriend perform in the English National Ballet.

Tonteria launches on October 26 and is a Mexican hacienda in the heart of Chelsea. Expect drinking vessels in the shape of wrestling masks, playful hammock seating, a confessional box and plenty of tequila. Olé!


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