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Max Rushden's Guide to London

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 07/06/2012 @ 16:39
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Best known as the ringmaster behind fun-loving footie show Soccer AM, Max Rushden’s established himself as an infinitely more likeable host than his predecessor (not mentioning any names, Tim cough cough Lovejoy). Popularity contests aside, and with the Euro 2012 Championships underway, Max put together his favourite places in London for us…

Morning coffee
I go to Fix on Whitecross Street, where Ruth remembers to make it hot enough it's perfect.

If I'm in town I go to the Breakfast Club on D'arblay Street to have lunch with Matt and Ian.

Santore on Exmouth Market is my favourite Italian, Iskele on Whitecross Street for Turkish, for meat Bodeans and Dans Le Noir on Clerkenwell Green for a first date!

In town, The Toucan just off Soho Square for the best Guinness. Otherwise I love Exmouth Market. In summer, if you follow the sun, start at Cafe Kick, move to Medcalf at around 4.30-5pm and get the last sun at The Old China Hand just off Roseberry Avenue. And for the Euros you obviously come to the East Village in Shoreditch to watch me talk nonsense and the see England win everything!

My folks take me to matinees at the National Theatre all the time.  It's always brilliant.

I'm not cool, so I don't go to trendy places.  I like dingy and cheesy, like The Arts Theatre Club (Frith Street) and if I'm really far gone, The Borderline or The Roxy - although I'm probably a bit old for them now!

Max Rushden is hosting the England and Ireland fixtures ‘Soccer Am-style’ for Football Fanzone at East Village, Shoreditch. To book tickets go to


by  yasminelee  30/07/2013 @ 07:42
Thanks for your advice on London attractions. Good to see you.
by  headfurtive  10/03/2015 @ 04:19
Thanks for your
by  headfurtive  10/03/2015 @ 04:20
Thanks for you
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