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Megan Fox Leaves Transformers

Posted by: Matthew Turner 21/05/2010 @ 17:12
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Films seen this week: Please Give, Cop Out, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (again), Paradise, Why Did I Get Married Too?, Tamara Drewe, Gainsbourg, Villa Amalia

Megan Fox “leaves” Transformers 3, but did she jump or was she pushed?
It was reported this week that Megan Fox is leaving the Transformers franchise and won't be a part of Transformers 3 but did she jump or was she pushed? The short answer to that is, “Who cares?” but it does seem like there's no love lost between Fox and director Michael Bay, who she memorably described as wanting to be “like Hitler” on his sets. I'm no fan of the Transformers franchise so I can't say I'm too bothered either way, but it seems to me that Michael Bay is severely underestimating Fox's part in the film's success, as she was quite easily the best thing in both movies. Anyway, the real story here is surely “Picture Editors Everywhere Rejoice At Latest Excuse To Print Pictures Of Megan Fox”. As for Fox's replacements, if you believe everything you read on the internets, you might think that the lovely Gemma Arterton was (ahem) the “new” Megan Fox, Transformers-wise, but I suspect that announcement has more to do with the fact that Gemma's new movie (coincidentally also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer) is out this weekend. If you ask me, Michael Bay should just cast Fox-alike Odette Yustman instead and hope no one notices the difference.

Films I'm Looking Forward To: Jonah Hex
I guess it must be Megan Fox week. I'd been aware of the Jonah Hex movie for a while but I've only just seen the trailer and I have to admit, it looks like a hell of a lot of fun - more fun than the vaguely similar Solomon Kane, anyway. Based on a recently revamped 1970s DC comic, the film stars Josh Brolin as a facially scarred bounty hunter who seems to have special powers. Charged with bringing in the man who gave him the scar in the first place (John Malkovich), Hex goes on what Tarantino would call a roaring rampage of revenge and, by the looks of things, kills lots of people and blows a lot of shit up. Along the way, he finds time to romance Megan Fox's happy hooker Leila (“Jeez, woman – how many men do you see in a day?”) and also blows a few more things up, just for good measure. The promising cast also includes Michael Fassbender as, I'm guessing, Malkovich's vicious henchman, Will Arnett as a U.S. military type and The Wire's Lance Reddick in an enjoyable-looking cameo as weapons expert Smith. The trailer is packed with good lines and moments, including one that blatantly rips off A Fistful of Dollars (“Five coffins? Thinking you might need eight...”) and several awesome-looking explosions, if you like that sort of thing. Megan Fox looks pretty great too – she should play more gun-toting prostitutes, if you ask me. Opens here September 24th.

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
I was underwhelmed by some of the bigger releases (notably Prince of Persia) so there's only one new entry in the top ten this week, Werner Herzog's “reboot” of Bad Lieutenant, which seems to have subtly dropped its “Port of Call New Orleans” subtitle. If you're a Nicolas Cage fan (and, let's face it, who isn't), Bad Lieutenant has every chance of making it into your top ten of 2010. It is, quite simply, unmissable and you haven't lived until you've seen Cage threatening two old ladies. I will also put in a good word for Philip Ridley's Heartless (another future cult film in the making) and for the impressive 3D effects in StreetDance 3D, which is worth seeing for the 3D bullet-time moment alone. Interview-wise you can still read our interviews with Alice Creed star Gemma Arterton here and Date Night stars Steve Carell and Tina Fey here and here

1. Dogtooth
2. Bad Lieutenant
3. Kick-Ass
4. The Disappearance of Alice Creed
5. Four Lions
6. How to Train Your Dragon (3D)
7. Date Night
8. American: The Bill Hicks Story
9. Vincere
10. A Room and a Half

DVD of the Week: Up In The Air (out Monday 24th May, RRP £19.99)
This week's DVD of the Week is Jason Reitman's Up in the Air, starring George Clooney as a frequent-flying downsizing consultant whose romance with fellow traveller Alex (Vera Farmiga) is threatened when a colleague (Anna Kendrick as Natalie) introduces a video conferencing solution that will permanently ground him. Intending to meet Alex a few more times, he persuades his boss (Jason Bateman) that Natalie isn't familiar enough with the human realities of firing people and takes her on one last round-the-country trip to show her the ropes.

Superbly written and impressively directed, this is a brilliantly acted comedy-drama that side-steps the usual cliches and has a few emotional surprises up its sleeve. Nominated for six Oscars (including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director and two Best Supporting Actresses), Up in the Air ultimately came away empty-handed (it was an early front-runner and suffered from the inevitable backlash) but, away from the Awards season hoop-la, it's still a hugely enjoyable film and worth catching up with on DVD. The extras package is pretty good too. They include: 15 minutes of deleted scenes (spread over five scenes, all of which are very good), Reitman's commentary on the deleted scenes, trailers, a director's commentary by Reitman, his DoP and his First Assistant Director and a two minute featurette on the visual effects company responsible for the opening titles.


by  Anonymous  24/05/2010 @ 17:57
What exactly does Jerry Bruckheimer have to do with Transformers? He didn't produce either 1,2 or as far as I'm aware 3 despite having worked with Bay on numerous other films.
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