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Neurotic Robots Love to Party

Posted by: Kelly Hussey 01/07/2008 @ 17:14
Subject: Clubs

One of my favourite movies of all time is I-Robot. OK, I admit that’s just because I love Will Smith, but the idea of robots is really very cool to me (loooooser!). Fine. But if you’re telling me that you’d say no to a robot in your house then you’re lying. And with the world’s first robot barman hitting Selfridges tomorrow (see Robotic Barman Descends on the UK) I think they have a plan!

So, imagine my joy when I heard about a pioneering idea in the clubbing world called Neurotic. Held at one of ViewLondon’s favourite new spots on the club scene, the ICA, Neurotic is a series of three live punk gigs taking place from 3rd-5th July played – now here’s the genius part – to an audience of robots and humans. Yes, that’s right. Robots.

Now you may be shaking your head in disbelief and hovering over the escape key, well wait. It’s all above board, and being held in the name of science.

The robots have been specially designed with neural networks to respond to the music played to them. These pogo-ing bots will bop to any tunes they like the sound of – much like us humans (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!). The whole point of the clubbing experiment is to look at how learning develops. Artist Fiddian Warman has been playing his favourite punk records to the robots, thus programming them to be punk fans. On each of the nights they’ll be tested to see if they enjoy the kind of music they’ve ‘grown up’ on in order to measure how taste is embodied. Now, before you start imagining something out of Terminator, the robots aren’t quite that advanced (or scary). Instead they’re 2 metres high and are simply designed machinery that can be programmed to pogo up to 2.3 metres… Still, it sounds pretty cool!

Fiddian fronts the band Neurotic and the PVCs and will be playing their music on each of the three club nights, supported by various popular punk groups (see below for the full listings).

Thursday 3rd July: Fumadors, followed by Gertrude, followed by Neurotic and the PVCs.
Friday 4th July: The Red Eyes, Viva Las Vegas, Neurotic and the PVCs.
Saturday 5th July: Scrotum Clamp, The Devil's Hotpants, Neurotic and the PVCs.

So let our your inner punk and mosh with your fellow robots to the sounds of Neurotic.


by  Anonymous  08/07/2008 @ 16:22
Sounds pretty amazing actually, I want to go!

Also Scrotum Clamp is just a great name for a band
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