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New Iron Man 2 Trailer

Posted by: Matthew Turner 22/03/2010 @ 18:00
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Films seen so far this year: 88
Films seen this week: House of the Devil (again), Salvage (again), Old Dogs, Double Take, The Bounty Hunter, I Love You Phillip Morris, Four Lions, Remember Me, Beautiful Kate, Storm, Die Hard

Tim Burton to direct animated version of The Addams Family
There was speculation this week that Tim Burton's next 3D feature will be a stop-motion animation version of The Addams Family. However, unless there are certain deals being made as we speak, don't expect the 1960s theme tune to accompany the film (or even any elements from the two 1990s movies) because Burton's only secured the rights to Charles Addams’ original drawings. On the surface, this would seem like the perfect marriage of director and material and if it does indeed go ahead, then I for one am very excited to see it. There's a facetious comment on the article above that predicts that Johnny Depp will voice Gomez and Helena Bonham Carter will voice Morticia, but would that really be such a bad thing?

Burton's a strange director in that he has legions of die-hard fans (myself included) but his films often fall short of expectations – Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory both being a good case in point. That said, I loved Sweeney Todd (easily his best film of the noughties) but to mind he'll have to go some way to top my all-time favourite Burton film (and Johnny Depp performance), Ed Wood. I also have a lot of love for Beetle Juice (the first Burton film I saw in the cinema) but I was never the big fan of either Batman or Edward Scissorhands that others were and as much as I love Mars Attacks, I have to admit that it's not the film I was hoping it would be before it came out. Still, Sweeney Todd was enough to convince me that Burton can still deliver the goods, given the right material, so I have high hopes for his version of The Addams Family. Fingers crossed.

Films I Am DYING To See: Iron Man 2
Regular readers of the blog (both of you) may remember how much I was looking forward to the first Iron Man movie two years ago and how overjoyed I was when it actually lived up to my expectations. Well, my hopes for Iron Man 2 are, if anything, even higher, especially given that Jon Favreau is directing again and most, if not all (Don Cheadle replaces Terrence Howard) of the cast are back in the main roles. I've featured previous Iron Man 2 trailers in this section before, but the new Iron Man 2 trailer has more with all the other stars (Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow and Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer) as well as a great glimpse of Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury.

Similarly, Don Cheadle's character (Stark's best friend Rhodey) has a bigger role to play this time too, standing alongside Tony in a battle against what I think are Justin Hammer's Dreadnoughts (or whatever they end up calling them) at the end. The second trailer also has tantalising glimpses of the fights between Whiplash and Iron Man, Scarlett displaying some kick-ass moves and looking pretty damn fabulous in that catsuit, a few shots of some of the different Iron Man costumes (including the suitcase armour, which is a definite shout-out to comics fans) and some nice humour moments, such as Downey Jr's  reading of the “Narcissism?” line and the cut from “I know exactly what I'm doing” to accidentally blowing something up.

In fact, I only have one complaint and that's that we still haven't heard Scarlett Johansson's character speak so we still don't know if she's doing the Black Widow's Russian accent. Maybe they thought two ridiculous Russian accents would be too much for one movie (Rourke's is pretty full-on) and they've dropped it but just don't want to face the fanboy protests just yet? Or maybe it's there after all and they're keeping it a surprise? Or maybe they're fixing it in post? Who knows? Either way, we'll find out on April 30th.

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
Just two new releases this week, with based on a true story homosexual romantic comedy (or hom-rom-com) I Love You Phillip Morris and note-perfect 1980s horror pastiche The House of the Devil both making it into the top ten. I'll also put in a good word for British horror Salvage (which I liked a lot), The Scouting Book For Boys (which is well made and superbly acted but very downbeat) and British romcom My Last Five Girlfriends, which in no way deserves the terrible reviews it's been getting elsewhere. I should add, as a disclaimer, that I haven't seen either Dirty Oil or Sons of Cuba, both of which I've heard good things about. Oh, and The Bounty Hunter narrowly escapes the Stinker of the Week title, thanks to the release of Old Dogs, which is surely going to be the worst film of the year. On the interview front, this week we have an exclusive interview (and some Doctor Who gossip) with the lovely Neve McIntosh, who stars in Salvage.

1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
2. A Prophet
3. Shutter Island
4. Ondine
5. I Love You Phillip Morris
6. The House of the Devil
7. Exit Through the Gift Shop
8. Crazy Heart
9. MicMacs
10. Ponyo

DVD of the Week: Mesrine Parts 1 & 2 Box Set (out now, RRP £19.99)
This week's DVD of the Week is Mesrine: Parts 1 & 2, the epic French thriller about the rise and fall of notorious real-life gangster Jacques Mesrine, played by Vincent Cassel. Impressively directed by Jean-Francois Richet, Mesrine boasts both a superb script and a powerhouse central performance from Cassel as well as terrific supporting turns from the likes of Gerard Depardieu (Part 1), Mathieu Amalric (Part 2) and Cecile de France (Part 1) and Ludivine Sagnier (Part 2) as the women in his life. The films are packed with exciting set-pieces (such as the various robberies and Mesrine's notorious jailbreaks) and amusing running gags (Mesrine constantly correcting the pronunciation of his name – “It's MERR-in”) and are hugely enjoyable from start to finish. They're also up there with the best of their American equivalents. There's no deleted scenes or commentary on the extras but there's a trailer and each film has a lengthy Making Of documentary (47 minutes and 44 minutes) that includes interviews with both cast and crew. Highly recommended.


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