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Now You See it, Now You Don't - Pop-Up Bars

Posted by: Kelly Hussey 24/01/2008 @ 15:17
Subject: Pubs & Bars

This is the land of the disposal everything. From nappies to clothes (thanks to the Primark revolution), everything is here today, gone tomorrow. After all, we want the newest, shiniest, coolest, next best thing and we want it now! The poor bars and pubs can barely keep up with consumer demand before the next hip trend hits the pages of Dazed and Confused. What’s a drinking den to do?

The obvious answer is the temporary or ‘pop-up’ bar. These are springing up all over London for a few weeks at a time before disappearing forever. A great way of keeping somewhere fresh, seasonal and interesting for drinkers after something a bit different.

Two of the latest pop-up bars to hit the streets of London are the Smirnoff Black Ice Bar at the Bluebird Cafe and the Plateau Ice Bar – both with a distinct seasonal theme that could suffer from becoming lost if they were permanent. First came the Bluebird Cafe Ice Bar – only open in December, it was a real blink and you’ll miss it kinda place. Filled with exciting cocktails including an After Eight and Blackberry Crumble, alongside traditional egg nog – it was the perfect answer to what was needed from a Christmas bar. And unlike a dog, it was just for Christmas!

Not one to miss a trick, Smirnoff Black now have a new ice bar – this time at Canary Wharf. The Plateau Ice Bar is open longer than it’s sibling – now until 29th February – and can be found at the beautiful Plateau Bar and Restaurant. Overlooking the ice rink below, the wintry theme is carried through with replica ice crystals, an ice sculpture, big warm blankets on every chair and Smirnoff-themed cocktails that help to warm the bones. After all, it’s about time we accepted that it’s winter, summer is still a long way off and it’ll probably just rain anyway, so celebrate the beauty of winter instead. Come spring, who knows what exciting new bar will appear from nowhere!


by  Anonymous  28/01/2008 @ 15:21
I loved the smirnoff ice bar, even though you can only stay for 45 mins its not like its going to be around forever, but some pop up bars aren't worth the bother (just like clothes from primark!)
by  Anonymous  28/01/2008 @ 17:08
I hate the idea of pop up bars, mainly because I like to get to know a bar well, and if I like it, its likely i'll be there regularly throughout the year, but then again, who wants to go to an ice bar in summer?
by  Anonymous  29/01/2008 @ 12:40
The fact that its after christmas so I'm bored of winter and I'm rather strapped for cash means that to be honest I'm avoiding these new fads, because most of them charge too much for a random winter experience that no one really wants.
by  Anonymous  29/01/2008 @ 15:33
Pop up bars are great because they put a lot of effort into their theme to make them special and unique to stand out - the bluebird winter cafe is a good example - they add some variety to the seasonal social scene.
by  Anonymous  30/01/2008 @ 12:00
Smirnoff ice bar is a good addition to canary wharf - gives me somewhere exciting to go to when I'm waiting for by husband to get out of late meetings.
by  bertwindon  10/09/2009 @ 17:38
The one I saw on bbc news looked set to become a "Blow-Away bar". This would leave space for some of my excellent wind Turbine-Alternator Devices (No flailing blades involved I hasten to add), a couple of Tee-Pees, and a whole new club scene !
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