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Post-Credits Scenes Take Two and The Truth Is Out There

Posted by: Matthew Turner 15/05/2008 @ 18:01
Subject: Film

Films seen so far this year: 144
Films seen this week: Ben X, Heartbeat Detector, Terror's Advocate, Shutter, Charlie Bartlett, Superhero Movie, La Antena, RFK Must Die: The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy

End of Credits Scenes: Post-Script
A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that the post-credits scene at the end of Iron Man wasn't shown to critics (the scene featured Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, recruiting for superhero team The Avengers and the word is that similar scenes will also feature in the recently green-lit Captain America and Thor movies). I still haven't heard an official reason for this, but I suppose the thinking behind it is that fans would discover it for themselves and would then tell their friends, ensuring that people would rush to see the film a second time. This would be all very well if it weren't for a small invention called THE INTERNET, which pretty much guarantees that word would get out anyway. I just wish whoever came up with the 'not for critics' idea would realise that, actually, critics can be fans too.

Anyway, while we're on the subject, I thought of two more post-credits scenes I wanted to include. First, this bizarre one from Constantine (see YouTube clip below) featuring Keanu and Shia LaBeouf and secondly, there's a great one at the end of The Cottage which, possibly uniquely for a post-credits scene, actually fills a fairly large plot-hole, in that you're told during the film that The Big Boss is on his way but he never arrives and the post-credits scene features his arrival and an amusing celebrity cameo to boot.

Films I'm Looking Forward To: The X-Files 2: I Want to Believe
Full disclosure: I was a big fan of The X-Files when the TV show started (it filled that post-Twin Peaks void very nicely) and I even liked the first movie. The sequel is finally on the way and it's due here on August 1st, which, happily, is my birthday. From the trailer (see YouTube clip below), the film looks intriguing without giving too much away, but the good news is that they appear to have dropped the whole conspiracy angle, meaning that you won't have to rewatch every episode in order to have a clue what's going on this time. The bad news is that the entire film seems to centre around... Billy Connolly. Still, Connolly has proven himself as a decent actor elsewhere (Mrs Brown) so I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. Basically, like many X-Files fans, I'm just happy to see Mulder and Scully together again.

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):

Lots of changes this week, with at least one high-profile drop-off (There Will Be Blood – DVD out soon) and a number of new entries.

1. No Country For Old Men
2. Persepolis
3. Iron Man
4. Charlie Bartlett
5. Caramel
6. [REC]
7. The Orphanage
8. Mouth to Mouth
9. XXY
10. Happy-Go-Lucky

DVD of the Week: My Kid Could Paint That (out Monday 19th May, RRP £19.99)

This week's DVD of the Week is My Kid Could Paint That, a fascinating and largely overlooked documentary about four-year-old child artist Marla Olmstead, whose paintings sold for thousands of dollars, resulting in her being labelled a child prodigy. However, her new-found fame led to a TV expose that cast doubts on the authenticity of her work, suggesting that her father, Mark, had at the very least coached her in her paintings. Fortunately, director Amir Bar-Lev was already halfway through his documentary when the controversy began, so the film takes on a whole new direction as the parents turn to him to exonerate them. The DVD features a great joint commentary from the editor of the film and the gallery owner who first discovered Marla, as well as an extended featurette with comments by art expert Michael Kimmelman. However, the highlight is a superb 30-minute follow-up documentary which contains deleted scenes, out-takes, additional interviews and footage from several subsequent screenings and Q&A sessions, discussing the controversy. Highly recommended.


by  will  16/05/2008 @ 11:56
Yeah the new X-Files movie does look good, and I'm also glad to hear that it will stand alone away from the series, as I still haven't seen series 9 yet! Lets hope it's better than a standard monster-of-the-week episode too.

An Avengers movie would be so amazing! Actually have they done an Avengers movie based on the UK TV series? Hmm..
by  Matthew Turner  16/06/2008 @ 22:39
They have, but I suspect no-one will mind all that much. I'm still waiting to hear who'll play Captain America. I refuse to get excited about reports that 'Marvel want DiCaprio for Cap' until he actually signs on the dotted line. Unlikely, admittedly, but it shows they're aiming high.
by  will  20/06/2008 @ 10:37
Yeah DiCaprio would be good as Captain America, for some reason I thought he was being considered for Thor!
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