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Quantum of Solace - Should They Have Stuck With Bond 22?

Posted by: Matthew Turner 01/02/2008 @ 14:46
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Awards season: The Home Stretch
With the Screen Actors Guild Awards announced last Sunday, this year's Awards Season officially entered the home stretch. The SAGs are widely regarded as the best guide to who's going to walk off with the acting awards on Oscar night because the voting pool is exactly the same in both cases. With that in mind, it does indeed look as if the golden fellas will be going to Daniel Day-Lewis and Julie Christie this year, though I still hope that Marion Cotillard wins for La Vie En Rose (not that Julie doesn't deserve it, but she already has an Oscar and I like to see new people win). Similarly, I hope the Best Supporting Oscars differ from the SAGs this year too – Javier Bardem won the SAG and again, he's excellent, but I think Casey Affleck deserves it for my favourite film of the year, The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford. And in the Supporting Actress category, Ruby Dee looks like the front-runner for her role in American Gangster and that seems all kinds of wrong to me – first, she's hardly in it, second, the film itself was rubbish and third, I'd much rather see the Oscar go to either Saoirse Ronan or Tilda Swinton. (I would include Amy Ryan but I haven't seen Gone, Baby, Gone as it got pulled because of its close parallels to the Madeleine McCann case).

Bond 22: Olga Kurylenko and the Title of Doom
It's been a case of good news, bad news with the announcements for Bond 22 recently. First the good news: they've cast the very lovely Olga Kurylenko as the "proper" Bond Girl (as opposed to the one who he shags and then she dies, as the cover of one of the lads' mags humorously puts it). I was delighted when I heard this as it gives me an excuse to email her and congratulate her – I interviewed her in Edinburgh last year and we ended up chatting for half an hour. (Proof in the photos above and below). Anyway, I am officially ten times more excited about the Bond movie than I was a couple of weeks ago. At least, I was, until I heard the bad news, namely that the title is going to be…wait for it…Quantum of Solace (surely that should be A Quantum of Solace?). Yes, I know the title comes from an actual Bond story – I don't care, it's still rubbish and the more you say it the sillier it sounds. God knows what the song will sound like.

Top 5 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):

1. No Country For Old Men
2. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
3. The Savages
4. Things We Lost In The Fire
5. Cloverfield

DVD of the Week: 3.10 to Yuma (released 28th Jan, RRP £19.99)

This is rather appropriate, given that the entire cast just won the Screen Actors Guild for Best Ensemble Cast (something I've always thought the Oscars should do). Christian Bale plays an injured Civil War veteran who volunteers to escort Russell Crowe's infamous outlaw to the 3.10 to Yuma – the train that will take him to trial. If you missed this at the cinema it's a cracking Western that's well worth catching on DVD (as is the 1957 original) and there are a couple of decent extras, such as deleted scenes and documentaries. Annoyingly, the Blu-Ray version (don't ask me – no idea) has even MORE extras, which is an extremely disturbing trend.


by  Anonymous  04/02/2008 @ 11:57
Quantum of Solace? Next thing you know they'll be quoting Proust! The girls are getting far too intellectual looking for my liking too. Whatever happened to good old fashioned swooning and moans of Oh, James!? Agree that Daniel Craig is playing a blinder in the role though.
by  Anonymous  07/02/2008 @ 09:56
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