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Seamus Ryan's Guide to London

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 10/07/2012 @ 12:44
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With an impressive portfolio stretching from iconic celebrity profiles to stunning personal portraits, Seamus Ryan is a man with an eagle eye for detail. Ahead of launching what is reported to be the world’s first photobooth festival, Seamus took the time to select his favourite things about London, through the medium of images of course…

1. Graffiti

Working in Shoreditch allows me to indulge in my growing passion for graffiti. I’m not talking about tagging, I’m talking about more thought provoking and aesthetic pieces. Almost every time I go out there is a new work of street art left by persons unknown for everyone to enjoy. Some are sublimely beautiful, others intriguing and beyond my comprehension. Either way I'm always grateful to those unsung artists for brightening up my day.

2. Londoners

I've been photographing Londoners for years at my Sunday Shoots and find them an endlessly fascinating. With very few exceptions they seem to embrace the ever changing nature of their great city with stoicism and wit. Market traders and taxi drivers are the most vocal but the queue in the post office can be just as enlightening. This is Lenny who worked a fruit stall on the Holloway Road for fifty years. He could tell you a few stories…..

3. Coffee culture

Thanks, mainly to enterprising Kiwis and Aussies (they both claim to be the best), a decent cup of coffee in this town is no longer a rarity. My guilty pleasure most mornings is a flat white from The Long White Cloud on Hackney Road, a silky smooth and sublime cup of magic. The secret seems to have a lot to do with the milk in that small metal jug. A good barista, in my opinion, is a true craftsman.

4. Columbia Road Flower Market

Each Sunday morning the normally quiet Columbia Road bursts into life becoming what must be Europe’s loudest and most colourful street theatre. Scores of traders bellow out their well practiced sales pitches amidst a jungle of flowers and plants. Yesterday I heard one very gravelly voice claim his flowers were so cheap ‘because they were stolen darling, half inched, robbed from her ladyship’s garden’. By 4pm it’s all over, the street is washed clean and no sign anything had happened that day remains.

5.   The National Portrait Gallery

London has many wonderful museums and galleries but the National Portrait Gallery is the one I keep going back to. Good portraiture holds some essence of a person’s character and I relish a stolen hour communing with individuals who walked these streets centuries ago and a few that still do. The nearest you’ll get to immortality is to have your portrait at the NPG so commission an artist today.

The Photobooth Festival takes place on Saturday 21st July at Ezra Road, east London. For more information, click here. Or head to the official site: www.photoboothfestival.com

All images: copyright of Seamus Ryan


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