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Skyfall Film Trailer

Posted by: Matthew Turner 03/08/2012 @ 11:48
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Total films seen so far this year: 247
Films seen in the last week: Sound of My Voice, The Flowers of War, Shut Up and Play The Hits, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, Undefeated, Hope Springs, Stitches, Leave it on the Floor, The Reverend, The Watch

FILM OF THE WEEK: Undefeated

Another Five Random Things
It's been ages since I did a Five Random Things, hasn't it? No? Well, here's another Five Random Film-Related Things I found on the internets this week anyway (with thanks to @_emma_green).

1. This amusing and topical series of cartoons featuring The Avengers at the Olympics. No prizes for guessing Thor's or Hawkeye's sports.

2. This scrawled list of casting suggestions for The Godfather, from one of Coppola's notebooks.

3. This collection of 13 songs that have a film-maker in the title.

4. This amusing video imagining what Taken would be like with a real

5. This interactive box-office infographic on The Business of Bond, which leads us nicely onto the trailer below...

Films I Am Dying To See: Skyfall
The rest of the internets went wild for the new Bond trailer a few days ago, but what with one thing and another (it was my birthday, there's an Olympics on, etc), I've only just got around to seeing it. The teaser was enough to whet my appetite and hinted that Sam Mendes might turn out to be a great choice of director after all (there was a good deal of scepticism when he was first announced), but the full trailer is genuinely thrilling and suggests that this could be a lot of fun (check out the bit at 2m17s where he makes a death-defying leap from a crash...and then straightens his cuffs when he lands).

The plot looks intriguing too – Bond is presumed dead after a shooting incident-slash-watery-death-plunge but comes out of “retirement” when M is seemingly targeted by sinister forces. Mendes has lined up a great cast too – Ralph Fiennes is always good at cold-hearted government types, while Ben Whishaw is a great choice as the new Q (better than John Cleese, anyway) and we finally get a look at Javier Bardem as the film's main baddie (although I wouldn't bet against old Fiennes turning out to be a wrong'un), plus Naomie Harris as Bond Girl One and Berenice Marlohe as Bond Girl Two (at least, I assume the girl at 1m26 is Marlohe).

I love that Javier Bardem has been saddled with a terrible wig yet again – surely he's doing it deliberately at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if it was in his contract and everything. Anyway, the trailer delivers the full complement of explosions, stunts, gunfights, punch-ups, sexytimes (a steamy-looking shower scene; a scene where Harris shaves Bond's face) and gadgets (or at any rate, a gun that recognises Bond's handprint), so it looks like the Mendes nay-sayers needn't have worried and that it's business as usual in Bond-town. At any rate, it opens in October and I can't wait to see it.

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):Three new entries into the top ten this week, with Oscar-winning American football documentary Undefeated, harrowing Christian Bale-starring Nanking drama The Flowers of War and gay musical Leave It On The Floor all making it onto the list. I will also put in a good word for Ted, which I liked a lot. Basically, if there was an eleventh place, Ted would be on it. There now follows the usual plea to See Smaller Films First (#SSFF, etc), since the likes of Ted and other big studio films will be around for a few weeks yet, if you are planning to see Undefeated, The Flowers of War or Leave It On The Floor then please see them this weekend, as smaller films need your suppport.

Interview-wise, this week we have an exclusive interview with Fernando Meirelles, director of next week's 360 (which opened last year's London Film Festival). You can read our semi-exclusive interview with Searching For Sugar Man director Malik Bendjelloul and the film's subject, Mexican-American singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez. Also we have our exclusive interview with Rebecca Foster, who did the animations for Tony Kaye's Detachment; our exclusive interview with Nadine Labaki, writer, director and co-star of Where Do We Go Now?; our exclusive interviews with director William Friedkin for Killer Joe and that film's Gina Gershon; an exclusive interview with Eduardo Sanchez, director of Lovely Molly; an exclusive interview with Bobcat Goldthwait and Joel Murray, director and star of God Bless America and our exclusive interview with Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, star of the magnificent A Royal Affair.

Additionally you can check out our exclusive interview with The Angels' Share director Ken Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty. Come back next week for exclusive interviews with director Mark Andrews and the cast of Pixar's Brave.

1. Searching For Sugar Man
2. Moonrise Kingdom
3. The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best
4. Undefeated
5. The Dark Knight Rises
6. Electrick Children
7. Magic Mike
8. The Amazing Spider-Man
9. The Flowers of War
10. Leave It On The Floor

DVD of the Week: Goon (out now, online RRP £10.29)
This week's DVD of the Week is sports comedy-drama Goon, directed by Michael Dowse. Co-written by Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg (Superbad), Goon is loosely based on a true story and stars Seann William Scott as Doug “The Thug” Glatt, a sweet-natured knucklehead who's a disappointment to his brainy father (Eugene Levy) and makes a living as a bouncer, thanks to his talent for violence. When he beats up a hockey player during a rink-side argument, the scrap is caught on camera and he's soon offered a job as an enforcer or 'goon' (someone whose job is to protect the players and take out the opposition) on minor league hockey team the Halifax Highlanders.

Despite clashes with troubled star player Xavier Laflamme (Marc-Andre Grondin) and the fact that he barely knows how to skate, Doug's fighting skills give his team the confidence to start winning games and the stage is soon set for a confrontation with legendary goon Ross Rhea (Liev Schreiber), who's about to retire. At the same time, Doug strikes up a romance with hockey fan and self-confessed bad girlfriend Eva (Alison Pill) and is crushed when she reveals she has a boyfriend.

Seann William Scott is excellent as Doug, eschewing his usual wise-cracking, quick-witted screen persona for a surprisingly effective, sweet-natured performance that's extremely likeable; crucially, Doug isn't a violent person per se – it's just that he's good at it, so that's his job. He also has great chemistry with Alison Pill, who's utterly adorable as Eva; their scenes together are very funny. Michael Dowse has a tricky balance to pull off between violent sports movie, raucous comedy and sweet romance, but he gets the tone exactly right throughout and the jokes feel natural rather than forced. It's also interesting that, unlike most comedies, the film never makes fun of Doug for being stupid. In short, this is an enjoyable, well directed and frequently funny comedy/drama with a likeable performance from Seann William Scott and an adorable turn from co-star Alison Pill.

Extras on the DVD include: 9 minutes of deleted scenes; a blooper reel; interviews with Scott and Baruchel; three short featurettes
(HDNET: A Look at Goon, Goalie Audition and Fighting 101) and an onscreen collection of Goon Hockey Cards. No commentary though, sadly.


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