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Superhero Casting News

Posted by: Matthew Turner 01/04/2011 @ 12:56
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Superhero Casting News – Amy Adams to play Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Steel
I haven't said all that much about the planned Superman reboot up to now, except to say that I think (or at least I thought – the disappointment of Sucker Punch has tempered that excitement somewhat) that Zack Snyder's comic-book sensibilities make him an ideal choice as director. (I'd also better mention that Christopher Nolan is producing, because the Nolan fanboys get a bit upset if you don't mention him wherever possible and those nerds know their way around Google). Anyway, I wasn't all that excited by the casting of Henry Cavill as Superman (personally, I think Smallville's Tom Welling should play the part – God knows he's earned it) but I'm super-excited by this week's announcement that Amy Adams will play Lois Lane and not just because of the alliterative opportunities that that terrifically tantalising tidbit provides. My personal first choice for Lois Lane would have been the lovely Carla Gugino (who's appeared in two of Snyder's films already and is one of my favourite unsung actresses – track down her 2003 Karen Sisco TV series if you can) but I'm officially behind the Amy Adams casting.

Funnily enough, I thought her performance as Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum 2 (by some way the best thing in the film) had a touch of the Lois Lane's about it, so if she brings some of that fast-talking 1930s heroine stuff to the part, that'll be wonderful. I can't help feeling a little bit sad for Smallville's Erica Durance too though – she's really made the role her own on Smallville and it would have been amazing to see her version of Lois on the big screen. Anyway, here's a nice video on Being Lois Lane.

Interestingly, one gossip-worthy snippet from the Sucker Punch press conference yesterday is that Zack Snyder is apparently keeping a close eye on the Smallville finale (he was overheard saying so on the phone by a friend), so I wonder if he's planning to reference it in some way? The only other confirmed Superman news so far is that Kevin Costner and Diane Lane have been cast as Jonathan and Martha Kent, which is great news, even if they both seem a little too young compared to Glenn Ford and Phyllis Thaxter in the Richard Donner version. So, the next question ... who's playing Lex Luthor?

Trailerwatch: Bad Teacher (Red Band trailer)
I'd heard a few people talking about the gloriously sweary Red Band trailer for Bad Teacher but I hadn't actually watched it until just now. Even without seeing the trailer, the idea basically sells itself: Cameron Diaz is a Bad Teacher. Who doesn't want to see that? I know I do. I thought maybe the people behind Bad Santa were involved (it would be a great franchise idea – Bad Cop, Bad Doctor, Bad Chef, Bad Traffic Warden, Bad Rocket Scientist, etc), but it turns out that the writers (Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg) are actually behind several episodes of the US version of The Office, which is just as good.

The plot seems promising, at any rate – Cameron Diaz plays a lazy, dope-smoking, drinking-at-desk, short-tempered teacher who schemes to seduce new teacher Justin Timberlake when she discovers he's rich. However, she thinks that he won't like her unless she gets a boob job, so she tries to win a test scores competition in order to pay for the operation. Meanwhile, she feuds with fellow teacher Amy Squirrel (Britain's own Lucy Punch), especially when she discovers Timberlake's character has a crush on her. As well as Punch and Timberlake (his rubbish dancing in the trailer is an obvious joke but a very funny one), the superb comic support cast includes Office cast member Phyllis Smith (as Cameron's colleague and best friend, who gets some great lines in the trailer), John Michael Higgins as the principal and Jason Segel (“Hold my ball sack”) as a gym teacher who fancies Cameron (“Do you want to go out with me?”/“I don't know. Are you still a gym teacher?”/“Yes”/“Then fuck off”).

Anyway, Diaz is a gifted comic actress and I'm excited to see her in something that will allow her to cut loose for once. She also knows her way around a sweary line if the opening bit is anything to go by. Other highlights include a) Cameron scrawling “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” on a kid's test paper, b) Segel calling a kid “Twilight” and c) Cameron throwing a basketball at a fat kid's head. And then there's the promise of the car wash scene ... Weirdly, the clean version of this trailer has several alternative line readings and, most bizarrely of all, changes the label on Cameron's money jar from “New Tits” to “New Boobs.” Which version will be in the movie? I can hardly wait to find out. Opens here 24th June, so not long to wait now ...

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
Three new entries this week, with Duncan Jones' sci-fi thriller Source Code (essentially Groundhog Day meets Quantum Leap with a bit of 24 thrown in), Jim (son of Ken) Loach's child migrant drama Oranges and Sunshine and indie comedy-drama Passenger Side all making it into the top ten. I've dropped British Hammer Horror Wake Wood because it seems to have disappeared from the listings, but it's well worth seeking out if it shows up at a cinema near you.

Interview-wise, we have semi-exclusive interviews with Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder and stars Emily Browning and Jena Malone (here and here), a semi-exclusive interview with Jim (son of Ken) Loach for Oranges and Sunshine and press conference interviews with Killing Bono stars Ben Barnes and My Good Friend Robert Sheehan, as well as director Nick Hamm and Neil McCormick (who's played by Ben Barnes in the film).

Elsewhere you can still read our Eagle press conference interviews here and here and our exclusive interviews with the cast of Chalet Girl (Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick and Tamsin Egerton) as well as our exclusive interviews with the star and director of Archipelago (Tom Hiddleston and Joanna Hogg, respectively). That puts the score for my ambition of having an interview for every film in the top ten at a paltry 3 out of 10, but that's still better than some previous weeks. Next week that score will go up by one with an exclusive interview with the delightful Rachel Hurd-Wood, star of next week's Tomorrow When The War Began.

1. True Grit
2. Submarine
3. Source Code
4. Unknown
5. Archipelago
6. Chalet Girl
7. Limitless
8. Rango
9. Oranges and Sunshine
10. Passenger Side

DVD of the Week: Made in Dagenham (out now, price £19.99)This week's DVD of the Week is British feel-good social comedy Made In Dagenham, directed by Nigel Cole. Based on a true story, the film is set in 1968 and stars Sally Hawkins as Rita, a married mother of two who works as a machinist at Dagenham's Ford motor plant. After staging a successful one-day strike when the plant attempts to classify her co-workers as 'unskilled labour' Rita persuades the entire female workforce (including Jaime Winstone as Twiggy-obsessed Sandra and Andrea Riseborough as party-girl Brenda) to strike over equal pay, eventually marching on Westminster and attracting the attention of fiery Labour Minister Barbara Castle (Miranda Richardson). However, the pressures of the strike begin to take their toll on the women's lives, especially when the plant starts laying off male workers.

Hawkins is perfectly cast (the film plays like a stiff-upper-lip version of Norma Rae) and Cole gets terrific performances from a superb ensemble cast that also includes Bob Hoskins (on top twinkly-eyed form) and Rosamund Pike as the posh wife of a Ford manager who becomes an unexpected ally. In addition, the 1960s production design is impeccable throughout and the script crackles with witty dialogue as well as shining a much-needed spotlight on an unsung true story. In short, this is a hugely entertaining, brilliantly acted comedy that's genuinely uplifting, emotionally moving and laugh-out-loud funny.

Extras include the full helping of de rigeur bonus features: a director's commentary from Nigel Cole; seven deleted scenes; two minutes of out-takes; a 13 minute Behind the Scenes featurette and the theatrical trailer. Other DVD producers take note – these four things should be the bare minimum of any DVD release. Fun Made In Dagenham FACT – other European countries have retitled the film “We Want Sex” after the film's most prominent visual joke (a protest banner that's supposed to read “We Want Sex Equality”). Highly recommended.


by  MattM  06/04/2011 @ 17:17
Re. Bad Teacher - I think the answer as to what version will make into the cinema has been answered for you, as the red band trailer is no longer on the Tube of You.

by  MattM  06/04/2011 @ 17:22
Oo! Found it here -

That's more like it!
by  Charlotte C  08/04/2011 @ 16:49
Soz Bad Teacher fans - have amended trailer link to the one kindly supplied by MattM. Swear away to your heart's content.
by  Robbie76  15/04/2011 @ 17:25
RE: Superman , this film has been done already, nothing new.
by  Matthew Turner  18/05/2011 @ 11:05
Since writing that blog I've seen a *third* version of the jar with "New Rack" written on it. Can't wait to see which one makes it into the finished film...
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