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The One Where They Don’t Make A Movie and Dr Horrible Sings

Posted by: Matthew Turner 18/07/2008 @ 13:10
Subject: Film

Films seen so far this year: 248
Films seen this week: Mad Detective, Ikiru, Get Smart, Oliver!, The Iron Giant, Talk of the Town, Personal Services, Puffball, The Love Guru, Meet Dave, City of Men, Eden Lake, Jar City

The Rumour Mill: Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internets
Did you happen to read this story recently and think “Oh wow! A Friends movie!” (or even, “Oh no! A Friends movie!”)? And did you then read this story a mere three days later and feel a crushing sense of disappointment / breathe a sigh of relief? You did? Then blame The Rumour Mill. It's often tempting to wonder who actually starts these rumours – in this case, for example, was it a Warner Brothers insider, eager to gauge the likely reaction to a Friends movie? Or was it just a pesky blogger who knew the rumour would quickly fly round the internets and get picked up by reputable news sources such as this one, eager to make 'The One Where They Make A Movie' puns? It's casting rumours that annoy me the most though, such as this one about Leonardo DiCaprio “being considered” for the role of Captain America. At this point, I've learned to disregard any so-called news story that includes the phrase “is rumoured to be” or “is being considered”. I am only interested in FACTS, dammit. So it is my pledge to you, oh loyal readers, that this blog will never report rumours, only facts. Um... except for the rumours above, that is.

Joss Whedon Presents: Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Hardcore Joss Whedon fans will probably know this already, but this week saw the eagerly-awaited online debut of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, co-written and directed by Buffy creator Joss Whedon and starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion as singing supervillain Dr Horrible and his arch-nemesis Captain Hammer. It's in three parts, which together will add up to roughly the length of an episode of Buffy – Acts I and II are already online, with Act III due on Saturday. There's also an amusing comic to go with it. Anyway, it's brilliant and a must-see for anyone who loved the Buffy musical episode Once More With Feeling. Check it out!

Top 10 Films On Release This Week (as recommended by me):
Three new entries this week, with WALL-E, Donkey Punch and City of Men all making it into the top ten. The Mist is apparently still having the occasional late-night screening, so it's well worth seeking out before it disappears completely.

1. The Visitor
2. In Search of a Midnight Kiss
3. The Mist
5. Mamma Mia
6. Priceless
7. Persepolis
8. Wanted
9. Donkey Punch
10. City of Men

DVD of the Week: The Orphanage (two disc, released 21st July, RRP £19.99)
This week's DVD of the Week is Spanish chiller The Orphanage, starring Belen Rueda as Laura, a married woman whose young son mysteriously disappears when they move into the orphanage she grew up in. With a strong script, superb direction and a terrific central performance from Rueda, this is a genuinely creepy horror flick that's well worth checking out if you missed it at the cinema. The two disc DVD comes with a decent extras package that includes: a 12 minute Making Of featurette, deleted scenes, an interview with director Juan Antonio Bayona and producer Guillermo Del Toro, a UK exclusive Q&A with Bayona at the Curzon Mayfair, the theatrical trailer, storyboards and several other featurettes on casting, rehearsals and other aspects of production. No commentary though.


by  Celine Asril  18/07/2008 @ 13:54
oh my god you've seen so many movies!
by  will  22/07/2008 @ 15:00
I think if they can make a Sex in the City film then why not make a Friends movie? I'd watch it.

I've been told about Dr. Horrible a few times this week and still haven't got around to watching it. I'll do it tonight as it looks good. I'm glad Whedon is still doing stuff.
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