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You're Hired! With JJ Goodman

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 08/12/2011 @ 13:28
Subject: Pubs & Bars

After an extended hiatus, JJ Goodman returns and continues his quest to recruit the best bar industry heads in town. This time: Marcis Dzelzainis steps up to the plate, an award-winning mixologist with impeccable credentials. Take it away JJ…

(Above: JJ Goodman)

(Above: Marcis Dzelzainis)

JJ: Tell us where you’re at and what are you working towards?
MD: I work for Tony Conigliaro as the operations manager for 69 Colebrooke Row. What I’m working towards? I haven’t a clue! But that’s the whole point of working for Tony: you never know what’s around the corner.

Who’s behind it?
The infamous Tony C and the lovely Camille Hobby-Limon

What was your previous job?
I was assistant bar manager at Quo Vadis

Why did you leave?
Tony offered me the opportunity to work on a wonderful project, which was to become the Zetter Townhouse.

What are you drinking at the moment?
Pina Coladas

Where do you drink on your day off?
Happiness Forgets on Hoxton Square

What’s your signature drink?
I wouldn’t say I have a signature drink as such, but I do love making Pina Coladas when they’re in season

What’s your desert island tipple?
Pina Colada

What bars are up and coming that you love?
Well the Zetter Townhouse of course, as I’m extremely proud of the drinks and wonderful staff, and although I haven’t been Tickets outside of Barcelona is supposed to be great

Greatest bar on its day for a knock out drink?
A Mulata Daiquiri at La Floridita in Cuba!

Greatest bar on its day to party?
Either Jake’s Bar in Leeds or the Portobello Star here in London

Do you have any questions for us?
Fancy a drink? I do!
JJ - Pina Coladas all round!

Marcis Dzelzainis, you’ve officially been hired!

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