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Jack Black Interview

Just prior to the release of the 2004 hit comedy School of Rock, Viewlondon reviewer Matthew Turner talked to Tenacious D frontman and all-round God of Rock, Jack Black. Here's what he had to say on the subject of influences, acting, working with kids and fronting the greatest rock band in the world.

Do you see yourself as actor, rock star or both?
I couldn't have done either of them, I don't think if I didn't have the other one. I didn't really have an acting career before Tenacious D, and the thing about Tenacious D that people like is the theatricality, the acting that we have in there. So it's always been a combination for me.

Mike White wrote the film specifically for you. Did that give you a sense of additional responsibility?
Was I aware of additional responsibility since this script was written for me? No, it makes it easier if there's a really good writer who knows you well and writes it in your voice. It's like, a good piece of writing protects you from being bad, makes it easier. I'd like to say that he's like a tailor who tailored me a suit of heavy metal armour, so I could go into battle and conquer and slay the giant wildebeest!

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