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Lindy Booth Interview

Cry Wolf is the latest horror offering from director Jeff Wadlow, telling the tale of a group of school kids who fall victim to a series of mysterious, grisly murders. Viewlondon reviewer Matthew Turner caught up with Lindy Booth, who stars as Dodger in the film, for an exclusive interview.

How did you get involved with the film?
I got sent the script by my manager and I read it and I loved it. It’s a fabulous script, it’s extremely well written and my character, Dodger, is a really strong female character. I read a lot of horror scripts and to not play a victim, to play someone who’s really layered and an interesting person is really rare.

Without giving away any specifics about the plot, how do you feel about twist endings?
I hate twist endings. I truly do. Because I hate watching a movie and the end comes and you’re like, Why did I watch the whole movie? I could have just watched the last ten minutes. But I think that what’s great about this is it’s not a twist. You know from the beginning what you’re getting into. I feel like it’s so supported, so it’s not a twist.

Because the film is basically about lying?
Exactly. It’s about lying and it’s about subjectivity. Because the whole film, you’re trying to figure out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. And you’re trying to figure out, are we manipulating you? Are we being honest with you? Are we being honest with what we’re showing you?

Is that where the fun comes from?
Yes, I think that’s where it comes from. It’s really exciting because at the end you’re like, Ah hah! You know? You’re fulfilled. It all works out.

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