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Brunswick Centre,

0330 500 1331

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The Renoir Cinema has a firm reputation as the home for films by established amateurs and new world cinema talent.

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00:00 - 00:30
Arthouse, Asian, Event, Independent, Other, Repertory screen classics, World Cinema, Mainstream Releases
2 Screen(s) - Digital Sound
Please contact Renoir Cinema for more details.
Concessions: NUS, OAPs - concessionary membership for £40 a year.
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Admittedly this is a cinema with lots of quirks, but they make it fairly unique too.

It screen great films in strange underground auditoriums. It does feel very dated but personally I think it has a lot more charm than the other Curzon Cinema's which have very swish interiors.

If you want to watch Batman (not that they'd screen it anyway) then stick to the Odeons's and Vu's. If you fancy a slightly faded modernist cinema then you'll love it.
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Reviewer Nomi Malone
The worst cinema in London. Even though they sometimes will show great films, the seating is very awkward. Seems like it used to be one cinema they just split in half, so the seats are at a very weird angle. For some of them you don't even feel like you're looking at the screen. On top of it, there is no air circulation. I've been a few times in the summer and it feels like a sauna. Mention this to a member of staff and I guarantee you they'll give you shrug of the shoulders without even looking at you. If a film is playing somewhere else, go somewhere else.
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Reviewer Dinatross
Your Customer Service is lousy. All I want to do is to ask the time of a film. All Im getting are recorded messages. As a visitor to London I do not have the internet. This is taking me a great deal of time. Follow the example of The Phoenix Cinema which has someone answering the phone and the request takes 30 seconds to resolve.
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Reviewer philconnolly
I had high hopes for the venue as its part of the curzon group, a brand which represents the best in cinema.

So I was a bit dissapointed with the place, the screen is embarrisingly small for the size of the auditurium, on widescreen 2.35:1 films the screen gets even smaller yuck. The seats aren't up to those in the curzon soho and the viewing angle is awarkward - if your near the front (and you need to be, or bring binoculars) your very low in ralation to the screen.

The sound quality is very average.

The bar area up stairs isnt great, with not enought seats to sit on - its not a place you'd like to go and meet for a drink before hand. I found the staff to be a bit surly.

To be honest i wouldn't go again, unless it was the only place showing the film (but i would wait untill the DVD). I saw Bladerunner there and I really wish I waited to see it at the Curzon Mayfair ( a great venue).

Its better than your typical odeon multiplex - but this place has the Curzon brand and it really dosent live up to it. It needs a proper overhall to sort out.
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