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107 Kingsland High Street,
E8 2PB

(020) 7241 9410

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Fri 03 Jul 2015 - Thu 09 Jul 2015
Film Times
Sat mat 11.00
Amy (15)
Film Times
4.00 (Fri/Mon/Wed) 8.45 11.30 (Sat)
Film Times
Tue/Thu mat 12.30
Film Times
Sun 4.00
Film Times
Sun 1.45
Film Times
Tue 6.15
Film Times
Fri late 11.30
Film Times
Sat 1.30
Slow West (15)
Film Times
Fri-Mon 2.00 (Fri/Mon) 6.45; Tue/Thu 4.00 6.45 (Thu); Wed 2.00
Film Times
Wed 6.45
Film Times
Sat 3.45
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