The Double Interview
The Double Interview
How was it working with Chris Morris again?

Richard Ayoade

It was strange because I know him quite well now. It is helpful when you know an actor, and that they will be only in for a day, you can show them stuff before they come in and there is no breech of etiquette, or legal. They come prepared, and they know you. There is a line in Seinfeld where Kramer has this line, 'Damn, these peanuts are salty,' and you can imagine that you have this one line, and you get to the set, and you blow it. So in many ways it is the hardest thing when you only work on a movie for one day because you never really get into it. Fortunately if you know people it is much easier. Chris doesn't perform that much and is very funny, and clearly very good at it, as well as being the least clichéd man. One time guilt has got to him clearly.
Did you cut anything out that you were sorry to see go?

Richard Ayoade

God this is going to sound facetious, but you are always hoping that the stuff that goes is actually making the thing healthy and makes it work better. It is actually a delight to cut stuff, and I think, 'Great, it is going to less long,' and you feel you are heading towards the thing. You have to be brutal and not have favourite things. You tend not to miss a scene in and of its self because you are looking at the project as a whole. It is always the case that the final project is only a fraction of what you shot.

Jesse Eisenberg

I often don't know which films will be the blockbusters. My finger is kind off the pulse in that sense. I read a script about a Hasidic Jew who becomes an ecstasy dealer and I presumed that it would be the biggest movie that I had ever done, and then I found out it was going to cost a million dollars, which is a lot of money in the world, but not in movies, and that it was going to be a tiny independent movie. I can't totally gauge what will be popular and what won't. I have been occasionally lucky to be in big films. I guess this is all to say that I choose from project to project rather than having some sort of trajectory, which seems to me an impossible thing to do and only leads to disappointment.
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