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The City,

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We went to Abacus bar last night16/08/2013 after we had an advanced booking as a work colleage was having his leaving do there, when we arrived we were told to go to the right side of the entrance, we did this only for the bouncer at the door named Wesley told my colleague that we couldn't come in as there were too many guys and not enough girls in our group! Well we were dumbfounded, then he informed us with another excuse that the person who booked it who is a black male that he could not come in as on his last visit there he caused trouble, this was his first visit to Abacus, he had not been there before, we asked for the manager who said that he had to stand by his bouncers (Wesley's) decision , we could not believe this, we tried and tried to inform them that this was the first visit for my colleague but they would not have it and would not let us in, we were a mixed group of black, Asian and white, now you draw your own conclusion about this incident, was it because he was black? The manager denies this, we asked for proof on camera to show us when this supposed incident happened so that we could have a look at the person who was supposed to be our colleague, they did not do this, I asked when did this incident happen. They could not answer this either, I asked Wesley, the bouncer with the sharp eyed photographic memory, how could he be 100% sure that it was our colleague he said he was, I thought of all the customers who come to this venue are you telling me he is going to remember every persons face, I think not, we will be taking this further. AVOID THIS PLACE, looks like if the colour is not right you're not getting in even if you book in advance and have not been there before.
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Reviewer vodkajelly
just awful. rude staff. over priced. but the burning question is why is it still open! popular with the polish tho.
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Reviewer lisameister
I went here on a Friday night and was severely disappointed. There were too many pretentious guys trying it on with the small selection of drunken girls available. While people were good looking and well-dressed, I couldn't help but sense the overwhelming pretentiousness of the atmosphere. Music downstairs was ok but just too many people trying to pick up - was approached by over 10 guys, some pestered over 5 times despite getting the no-no first time round! Won't be coming back for a few years.
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Reviewer biba1906
I love this place, I always go on a thursday or friday and I know i'll have a great night. It's not obviously a great place and it's a bit of a meat market (girls beware!) but the crowd are great fun and always down for a boogie on the dance floor. The club room downstairs gets packed but it's great fun. Drinks are a bit steep in price but then again it'll always be pricey in this part of town.
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Reviewer SE10
This place is what it is - loose women looking for City Boys (many of them wannabes). Many of the girls are Eastern European and the music is pure cheese. Aesthetically it cannot ever be remotely considered a good club, but if you're looking for what I'm looking for on a Thursday night then it certainly ticks the box. Not outrageously expensive (usually £10 on door) just don't expect a friendly crowd and quality music.
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Reviewer garethl21
If you are extremely pretentious then this is the perfect place to meet up with like minded people.

My friend who needs a walking stick, after being hit by a car a number of years ago, was told he had to check it into the cloakroom because the obviously medically trained staff "didn't think he looked like he needed it". When we protested we were told to leave.

An absolute disgrace of a bar.
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Reviewer Lissa86
I've never eaten here - but drink here alot. If you want cheap drinks and good music, then it's definately the place to go. Yes it can get to be a bit of a meat market, but as long as you ignore them, it's fine!

Bar staff are fantastic, always friendly, and have fantastic cocktails.
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Reviewer AbiB
A good bar for a night out, but do not under any circumstances consider it for meal in the evening! Disgusting microwaved food, and bad service.
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Reviewer fatjak
Full of wideboy recruitment consultants and Essex girls throwing around money that they don't have. Tacky and no class at all. Plenty of better places in the City for after work drinks than this place.
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Reviewer Rocky Robin
Advertised as half price drinks between 5-10pm.

However at 8.45pm you suddenly needed to provide a voucher to get the discount. I popped over the road and got my voucher however it seemed to be a one round voucher as it wasn't returned to me.

I have been drinking in there for years and this is a new "feature". Either it is half price or it isn't, don't treat your customers like idiots.

I also don't think I need to queue for 20 mins to get my coat which I have paid you £2 to hang up. Everyone was putting their coats in at 11pm, is it not possible to have a different queue to quickly pick up your coat? No you just get some attitude from a bloke in a hi-vis coat.

You wouldn't take this from a restaurant so why take it from a bar?
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Reviewer crownmequeen
Total Meat Market, some decent music but the girls give you dirty looks and the men look at you like they want to jump you. Maybe it was an off night, but it was so off it put me off totally. Won't be going back to Abacus. Ever.
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Reviewer emma_bee123
Fun night on a friday after work, good music and pretty good atmosphere but full of essex peeps who don't work anywhere near bank just trying to pull.
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Celebrated my birthday there on Friday and had a great night. Everything was amazing from booking the table to the bartenders who made our drinks. Excellent service, something that is very rare to find in the City. Will be coming back very soon. Thanks Abacus for making it a birthday to remember. Michelle
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Went for lunch here last week and was pleasently surprised. Service was great and food was very good considered its so cheap. Clients i was with also had a good time.
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Went for lunch here last week and was plesently surprised. Service was great and food was very good considered its so cheap. Clients i was with also had a good time.
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Went to Abacus on Friday and had the best night i have had in a long time. Happy hour from 5-8 was great, as i had just left work i had not eaten all day so ordered a rustic platter wich was only around £8 during happy hour too..bargain! Will defo be back.

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Reviewer Cazzap06
One of the best clubs in London for service and value! . Had a group night out & there is nothing they would not do for us! . Been to other places where the service was absolute rubbish ( they just want to take your money and run! )but Abacus - Service impeccablehappy Hour - Fantasticatmosphere - Brilliant! Would go again. And again!.
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I had my birthday party at this venue and had a wonderful time. I reserved an area which despite being free was decorated for me and came with cupcakes & sweets!! Happy hour prices made the start of the night fantastically affordable! We had a Russian bar tender who was amaizing and the male bar staff where hot! I couldn't have asked for any better and I will 100% be going back!
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Reviewer richardajh
Cocktails available by the jug! Vodka and Redbull on the Cocktail menu! Our Kir Royales had far to much cassis or was it blackcurant! Shabby toilets complete with beggar! Food order was lost though once it arrived - garlic bread was tasty. Liked the 80s music. Door staff helpful.

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Reviewer maloweuk
This may actually be one of the most overrated and false places I have ever been to! The dress code is smart casual which means trousers / smart jeans but was told I couldn't go in as I had jeans on! I got ID'ed and told if I make any trouble I'll be kicked out, all based on the fact I was in Jeans, even though there were a whole bunch of high end business idiots sniffing a lot or spilling their champagne everywhere.

The music was awful, half the time the DJ was sorting out the volume which either deafening or made you want to go up to the speakers. The selection of music was OK but nothing that really set it about from something you would hear in Yates, I think the DJ had a thing for Rhianna!

The staff are either over friendly to the point it's annoying (particularly the promotion staff) or disgustingly rude that it makes you want to cause trouble for the sake of it (make sure you wear jeans for that part!)

The venue is big but the furniture is really dirty and the glass tables they have are cracked and the lighting is really random so you can end walking into something that isn't lit.

The only saving grace for this place was the 50% drinks which are very reasonable but after 8pm it gets expensive.

Avoid this place at all costs if you want to hear good varied music, have cheap drinks after 8pm or want good time without being irritated by staff
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Reviewer andycaz
i don't like all the mini cab drivers hanging around outside trying to rip you off . When i asked one how much to London bridge he said £15 . I got a black cab for £8.80 much beter . get ride of the mini cabs and let the black taxi,s do what thay do the best
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Reviewer Nick.Gladwin
I have been out in bank many a time, but until last week had never ventured into Abacus. and what a Venue i have been missing out on.
Upon arrival the exterior connotes a stylish ,up market bar with a contempoary feel, which at first glance looks like it could leave a rather large dent in your wallet.
but you'll be a fool to think that with the prices being more than reasonable. (however if you do fancy spending less than more id recommend going during happy hour between 5 and 9, as thats when the best deals are available)
This Bar has a great atmosphere which is complimented by the friendly staff and not to forget the top notch choice of music and DJ's.
This bar is definitley worth a look and a place to go if your looking to impress or just to chill out and watch the night pass by after work

* * * *
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Reviewer Kiki0123
Have been to abacus loads of time always had a great night there. SO when it was a friends birthday we decided to reserve a table. When we called to do this the lady we spoke to was lovely very friendly and helpful. When we arrived got in the queue, the small man on the door was extremely rude. Let everybody else through no problems but only ID'ed us. We showed the ID and he looked annoyed we had ID.

When we went through we told the lady that showed us to our table that other would be arriving shortly and she said it was fine and they would be showed to the table. We they arrived they would not allow them in saying they weren't suitably dressed and it was suits only. They went on to say no jeans! In one glance I saw over twenty people in jeans! I also had an email from them on my phone confirming the booking with said dress code - smart causal! When I went to the man on the door to show him the email he said it isn't going to make a difference now get out of my face. On the website it show people in jeans, when he said that he said the website was old and needed updating!

This guy is sooooooo RUDE he should not have a job on the front door where he needs to meet and greet people. He has no manner! Totally put a downer on a birthday celebration! They was going to be in total 30 of us in our party and we would have spent a good amount of money in there. We know it is always busy in there and how money may not have made a huge difference but we believe all customers deserve to be dealt with respect and the same and everyone else. VERY DISAPPOINTED!
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Went to Abacus last week, it was my first time at the bar and had the best night ever!

There is a great happy hour on from 5-9pm with 50% off all drinks, i managed to buy a bottle of moet bubbly for £25!!!

Bargin!!! There is 3 rooms with all different types of music playing me and my firends managed to dance the night away until 3am!

Will defo be returning when i am next in London. Keep up the good work Abacus! See you soon Alicia x
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Reviewer Colette374
I went to Abacus last night for my 22nd birthday, where I had booked a table which is advisable if you don't want to spend hours standing.

It was very busy with a nice mixed crowd. Bar queues were not too long even though they were very busy, and drinks are well priced.

A few of my guy friends came down but weren't allowed in as there were too many guys inside, so bring females with you in groups of 3 guys or more.

I found the music a bit of a let down because I didn't really get to dance much-quite rock and indie for a Friday night (if I remember correctly).

I had a tab, which you must pay for at the end, and there was a little mix up as all my drinks got charged at full price when some of them should have come through at the happy hour prices, however bar staff were quick to sort this out for me.

On the whole a decent venue which I would visit again.
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Reviewer Chriz83
Very nice club on the night, if you’re just looking for a night out! Drinks are at a reasonable price!

A very good mixture of music on both floors with a very good atmosphere, so you’ll end up pushing yourself to bust a few moves before the night’s out, even if you’re not up to it?
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Reviewer red_boy79
Wow... since I last went here so much has changed!
All for the better.
At first I was hesitant, having had a medium service before.
But I was never more surprised, we were welcomed by a lovely hostess who came by every so often to see how we were doing.
The food has definitely improved and the service was impeccable. Speed, cleanliness and quality. Everything I need in a fabulous night out!!
Def return
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Reviewer Anonymous
Over the past 4 weeks, each weekend I’ve been to SWAY, THE LOOP, ON ANON and ABACUS!- SWAY has the best venue and music to club to.- THE LOOP is a great place for drinks and the staff are very friendly.-

ON ANON is a good venue but staff are rude, would have to be forced to go again.Lastly and the very least:- ABACUS, never again. Do not be fooled by the long queue of people at the door, not worth the wait, walk straight on past. -

Bouncers, the worst they could be, disrespectful, narrow minded and unreasonable.-Venue small, over rated and out of date music. - Bar staff, again the worst they could be, unwelcoming, offensive, and can’t take the attitude that they give out.

Three defining reasons why not to set foot in ABACUS again and I get chucked out by security for telling the bar lady the truth about her insolence.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Great Christmas dinner last night!! Absolutely fun and the managers were on hand all the time for anything we needed.

It got a little crowded eventually but good atmosphere and we had a lot of fun!

Would come again next year.
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