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92b Old Brompton Road,
South Kensington,

(020) 7268 5906

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This is strictly members only. You will not get in unless you're a member or are accompanied by a member.

The Brompton Club is located underneath the stylish Kensington Hotel. A variety of drinks and meals are available.

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Members Club
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Tue 19:00-00:00
Wed 19:00-02:00
Thu-Sat 19:00-03:00
This is strictly members only. You will not get in unless you're a member or are accompanied by a member.

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Reviewer Hollyaok
I've found my new favourite secret spot in London. I hosted a table for dinner for 8 on Friday and have been blown away by the relaunch - Diego and Antoin have done a great job - with the partnership with pizza luxe, we had a relaxed intimate fun dinner with amazing pizza to share and when we had finished our espressos the lights got darker and the rooms vibe was transformed into a bustling nightclub with a great mix of people. The staff are a real team and clearly love working there, the boys have done a phenomenal job to have blended the two atmospheres so perfectly along with the ascending mix of rock and house and euro pop sounds which captures you till the early hours. Truly epic.
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What a delightful gem in the heart of chelsea. Once greeted by the polite doorman you descend down the stairs into a large room with dark wooden panelling with portraits/ fine art on the wall and chesterfield style seating with crystal chandeliers- the place oozes decadence and opulence. The crowd are of course are Londons' elite. I believe membership is only through recommendation/ referral or if you have a strong link with the club these days. If you're lucky enough to be aquainted with a member or other, take the opportunity to enjoy a night you will never forget.
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Reviewer Layla217
This is Tramp's rival and one of the few members club in London these days which is actually a members ONLY guest lists!no promoters etc etc. The music is the best and the crowd superb and is a must to go to in London, find a member and go! I agree it gets PACKED Weekends.
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Reviewer Emily_K
Beautiful Club with a beautiful crowd. Get's very busy Friday and Saturday evenings.
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Reviewer jack1212
Deserves zero stars. Used to be a reasonably cool place....but they've let themselves down. Go there a few times and I can guarantee you will inevitably have a disastrous night and never want to go back again (happening to a number of my friends who've been going there) will eventually get to you and although it's a fun will want to stop paying for drinks you never ordered.....something that they think they have all the right in the world to do......
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Reviewer MEMTBC
Dear Jack, I am the Membership and Events Manager at tbc since September last year. Over the past 6 months there has been some great changes, both to ensure that the club is as good now as it was in 2010 and also to provide an even greater level of service and atmosphere. Since your review is now a year old I would like to invite you to come experience tbc in 2013 and hopefully see tbc in a new, favorable light. Please email office@thebromptonclub. Com should you like to arrange a visit. Thank you. Edward
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Reviewer hoomann
what a beautiful club with great drinks

pity no one goes
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Reviewer gpyhd
in response to one of the recent posts, I would have to disagree and after having joined the club in June have only been treated with respect and charm.
Georgio at the door recommended me for membership and was very helpful.. Such a fun and upbeat guy! Definitely always puts a smile on my face along with the guests that I regularly bring along.
Its a shame that you have such an obvious personal vendetta against the club and against certain door staff but I think if the dress code and guest allowance is respected then I for one can assure you that your experience at The Brompton Club would be a good one.

I am a definite Brompton Club fan!.. give it another whirl you might be surprised!

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Reviewer jrwhite
Can someone recommend me for membership please :)
I moved to London a few months ago and i'm looking for somewhere rather more exclusive to go.
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Reviewer gary560
a lot of this posts ,especially about the door at the brompton club,seems to have a personal undertones ,and are far from fair and unbiased..
i like to point it out ...
if you don t like ,the place ,and the people ,running ,doors ,and club
don t go there ..this people ,don t need losers ,and time wasters ..
in fact ,don t even talk about it ,and do whatever it is ,
instead of loading,your negative shit ,onto ,this blog ,time and time again ,and get a life ,instead ...!!
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Reviewer gary560
great vibes ,and very professional ,people ,running ,one of my favorite
private club ..
just become ,member ,and love the dress code policy ,where not time at the door ,for losers ,and friends feel ,like at the best club in NYC ,or Moscow ..(and i go there ,to use my company money very often!)
club ,running ,on w.e.,like a military operation ..
sometime ,service bit to slow ,but top ,quality people choice{especially girls} ,who cares about ,the food and the french waitress ,she don t speak English ?

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Reviewer AnnaMoor
Amazing atmosphere!but how do you buy the membership?and where can you get recommendations?i am originally from Moscow and we do not have this sort of politics of members club just a strict face control on the door.
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Reviewer Carlos1975
Been to Brompton a couple of times now - Friday and Saturday are very busy after local restaurants close so we arrived early and had drinks at the bar to get in smoothly - beautiful decor and charming lady at reception. I liked the early week - relaxed atmosphere and bumped into a lot of old friends.
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Reviewer eqw
I went there last Friday because I was invited to join at my friends table. The people at the entrance were very very very rude they didn't let in even some members. There is an Italian guy at the door. He is the worst one!! he was very rude with me and my friend. I'm used to go to the best club in London (amika,china white,whisky mist,..) and I have never been treated like that. I will never go there in my life and I don't recommend this club to anyway except if you want be bounced at the entrance in a rude with this sort of people at the door shouldn't be open!
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Reviewer gary560
I like to replay ,to this comment ,because I was the first one to review Brompton Club ,and I feel obliged ,to sort out ,something I feel very unfair ,and so out of order. I work for jp Morgan ,in Moscow ,and by chance ,i was back at Brompton Club,after my review in march, ,and apply ,for a membership ,where ,was offer to me ,with a most educate ,manners ,by ,"one rude italian "at the door ,name Georgi ,really roman Polanski lookalike,and ,i was interviewed ,by the italian gm,and I was introduced ,to another nice italian chap ,one of the shareholders{so many Italians in Brompton Club ,sound like Sicilian mafia moved to tbc!}dear eqw,you need to know which one was rude with you ,but I m sure because ,you not a member ,and you try to come to a private club ,in a middle of Chelsea ,with all your family and friends ,your chance to get in,are very slim ,and I agreed with the managers ,it s a private club ,for members only! If you ,want get inside ,next time ,if you can afford it ,buy ,a membership ,like I did with my money. Psthe club you mention ,where you get in very easy ,there not the best anymore ,and the only chance for you it s to go there. No offence I can be wrong ,but never in a doubt.
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Reviewer gary560
went clubbing ,first time ,last week ,with few Italians friends.....membership only ..
welcomed ,by George ,{roman Polanski lookalike ,and best dressed door-picker ,in Chelsea}...
dinner really average ,with very slow service ..
club ,great vibes ,after 11 pm ,and the best choice of girls and boys ,around the area ...
back for sure ,to get my membership ..
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