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Hidden is a stylish club conveniently located in Vauxhall that plays host to some of London's premier DJs and events. Everyone is catered for here, from naked gay nights to drum and bass Moondance events - just check ahead for listings.

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Daily 22:00-06:00

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Reviewer tomthumb
be careful of this club passing you a counterfeit note on entrance as change, then the barman saying it is counterfeit when trying to pay for drinks and confiscating without providing any evidence. Went to this club (visiting from overseas) over weekend and received a 20pound note in change only for a rude barman to confiscate it without any evidence... he quickly put it aside, can only assume for his own pocket or for the club to recycle for future patrons...
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Reviewer Shel85x
Group of us went there for the orange reunion on sat 4th feb 2012 we was really disappointed i no it snowed but come on djs and promoters should of got there well before it opened, some of us travelled from dagenham and southend cabs there an back Also e tickets paid for in advanced and we turned up!!!! .the club opened late thank god for the rose pub!!! there was no garage or old skool djs or tunes ! Have to say jungle djs did turn up and done there best but Jungle was played all night and the same tunes repeated!(would of gone to a jungle mania nite) It was are first time there and half of are group left at 1:40 after staff said the other 2 rooms would open at 1:30 but they never did!!!! dont think we would go back this was going to be are last ever rave cause alot of us are in are 30s time to settle down lol, was such a shame when ur really looking forward to it. Bouncers and staff were really nice cannot moan bout them and there was a good atmosphere, people were friendly but looking around you could tell they werent happy with the tunes.
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Reviewer dan25
This place is awful. Went there for New Years 2011 for the 'Moonlighting' Event and it was so dire. We turned up about half 2 so maybe everyone good had left before then but what we saw were a whole bunch of dodgy teenagers grinding on eachother in a sweaty, concrete hole. I'm usually someone who can handle anywhere as long as the music's enjoyable but the lights were on too bright to be able to ignore the terrible seedy atmosphere in this place.
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Reviewer andymay
I wanted to go to Tiffany's revival but when I saw they were holding the night here, I soon changed my mind! ( once bitten , twice shy )Hidden is well laid out, has great sound and should be regarded, (like many Vauxhall clubs are) as a fun, no frills sort of venue, where you can let loose within reason. Unfortunately Hidden thinks because they've draped a bit of white cloth here and there and painted some mdf, it's up there with the slick west end venues. It really isn't. It's a real shame that Hidden overcharges, massively, for drinks and then serves them in plastic! If I want to pay those kind of prices I can do that in the beautiful surroundings of a members bar and the drinks will be made by experts and served properly. It also has the most overbearing security I've seen since the days of illegal raves! There are a couple of reviews on here that look suspiciously favourable, listing to many "features" that also appear on the clubs own website, so I felt compelled to tell it how I saw it. If they came to terms with what they really are and adjusted prices and attitudes accordingly, everyone (staff and customers) would be a lot happier. As it is. It's a waste of space.
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Reviewer Anna81
Great venue, great location. Hidden has 3 arenas with a great mix of music, the sound system is amazing, and to top it off it has an outdoor heated terrace with food stall! Been to Hidden before for a Lavish night and was a wicked night, so think i'll be heading here for nye.
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Reviewer Harry Mac
Wow...what a venue. For me Hidden has to be one of the top 3 multi arena venues in London. Sound system is amazing, lighting is phenomenal. The venue is well laid out and the outdoor heated terrace with food stall is a great touch. Security staff were were the bar staff. I remember going to the same venue when it was called Chunnel club and it has without doubt come a very long way. The night I attended was called Lavish and was a cross genre event. I'll definately be goin back.
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I've been there twice and both times it was a great night out. The place is well laid out, with chill out areas upstairs and the main dancefloors downstairs, with a further chill out/smoking area outside under canvas (which is also heated so even in November it was great).
If you want to get served, you can, even if it is rammed, as there are 3 bars in this rather small place meaning more staff to customers than most typical clubs.
Never had a problem with the bouncers or staff inside either and there's even a hot food stand if you've still got an appetite after all that raving!
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Reviewer lmb_embee
Surprised with these comments as Ive been to the club countless times before for their techno events and they've always been absolutely amazing.

The place was rammed, but didn't take that long getting served. And the atmosphere in the main room was one of the best Ive ever experienced!

I know they've spent alot of money on the lighting in their as well so that just adds to it all really.

Drink prices are what you expect in central London but the fact they bring top djs and producers to the club makes it worth while.

Looking forward to the ctrl event this sat with Shonky :-)
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Reviewer Mr Sane
This club is the worst nightclub I have ever been to, I have been to hospitals with a better vibe than this.

For a cover charge of £20 you get treated like dirt and staff shout at girls that are not even drunk.

Two friends of mine were not allowed in because they said that they had drunk too much... the bouncers know this because they had alcohol testers with them.....( I am being sarcastic)

The the music inside the place was a mixture of drum and bass with the dj mixing out of time and the vocals on most of the tracks were not mixed properly so you were then left with bass humming over everything.

The price of drinks were sky high and for a cover charge of £20 drinks dont have to also cost £20!!!!

friends,family and country men you are better of buying a bottle of whiskey sitting in a rubbish bin while listening to your Ipod than going into Hidden.
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Reviewer alicia.r
utterly agreed.

this place is terrible beyond belief and twice now separate groups of friends and acquaintances have used this place to put on nights and each set of promotors have been fed empty promises by the venue, ranging from the time they were allowed to stay open until through to the drinks prices and the availability of draught.

the last time i was there was for a night that had been very well promoted, had people travel from all over the country to attend, countless specific acts that people were really excited to see and the night was due to close at 6am.

i arrived at around 1am to be told by the promotors that the running order of artists and DJs was a "mess", and they were trying to fit everyone in by making them play back-to-back (ie, together). why?

oh, the venue changed their minds and don't want to stay open until 6am (despite taking the full fee for the hire of the venue until then); they intend to kick everyone out by 4am.

sure enough, at 4am they do kick us out (very aggressively), with one bouncer pushing me towards the door (i'm a very petite and quiet female by the way, who was already heading towards said door).

i respond by telling him that the place was paid for and booked until 6am, and he tells me "well, it is the promotors decision.

you need to speak to them" (or similar). i then point out that i know them, know what has happened and that it was clearly the venue's decision, and therefore find him to be a bare-faced liar.

he then left me alone (and probably found some other petite female to push around). so yes, the staff certainly do have a dreadful attitude, and £4.50 for a warm can of lager (no joke) is hardly going to take one's mind away from being snapped at by aggressive door staff.

if you're a promotor looking for a venue to use for a night... for god's sake, try ANYWHERE but here.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Hidden is such a well laid out club - everything's clearly been designed with customers in mind; something that's got to be championed these days! The night we went to was a wicked house night and was made even better by a friendly, up for it crowd. It's not that Hidden really, so go find it!
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Reviewer kursaal6
Does anyone know how many hidden holds
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