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Myma Seldon Interview

Myma Seldon Interview

Myma Seldon is one of the younger DJs to entertain the capital with a show on Liberty FM. We caught up with her for a chat.

How did you get into radio?
Well, I knew that I wanted to present - but I didn't know whether I wanted to do TV or radio and so I worked in TV production for a bit and then I was told about a radio school that Bruno Brooks had set up with a radio station attached to it. I went there, did a course for a few days and just knew that it was what I wanted to do.

So I was 100% driven and got to know the people down there, then one of the producers became programme controller at Liberty and gave me a call. It was one of those "you've got to know someone" type things. It's so difficult to get into that kind of business unless you have the contacts.

You're still very young aren't you?
Yeah I am young, I've always quite liked being the youngest actually - I was always the youngest at school and university. I'm used to having older people round me - it's almost like I can see where I'm going if I'm surrounded by older people.

Do you think that tends to mark you out as one to watch in future? Do you think other people see you like that?
Well, I hope they do. I'd love to be seen as someone with potential. I like to think of what I do as the first step on a long ladder as opposed to a blip in my career. I'd love to have longevity with it, but obviously it's a very difficult industry to be in and it's very insecure - you've got to take the good with the bad and just stay grounded and focused.

So where do you want to go with it ultimately?
I look up to a lot of people who happen to be on television. Being able to present an interview and being able to give yourself without overpowering the show that you're doing or the people that you're interviewing and yet keep a little bit of yourself back as well - I just think that is wonderful when people can do that.

I look at people like Dermot O'Leary who I think is incredibly talented - and television just allows you to take that job that little bit further. So, ideally I'd like to get into TV because of that. Not for any "I want to be well known" thing or whatever. As far as the job's concerned I think that's the best platform to be on to do a good job.

You, like most DJs, have a funny work schedule. How does that affect your social life?
It used to, when I did the evening show, which was from seven until ten, that was pretty tough because I'd just moved to London at that point and I was trying to establish myself on the social scene as well. Then I moved to Fulham where a lot of my friends are and I just love that area of London. I would not describe myself as a Fulhamite. I get quite offended by that. I'm pretty diverse, I love going all over the place, it just so happens that that's where I spend most of my time because that's where I live.

Ultimately it hasn't hampered anything because now I'm doing the day show and now I've got my evenings back which is fantastic and I'm basically really, really lucky…I've almost got a nine to five at the moment!

Didn't you turn up in FHM a while back?

Ah, how did that come about?
It all started with a comment one of their writers made about the fact that all female DJs had a face for radio - as in they were all minging - and they got a huge response nationwide saying no, no, so and so's a good looking DJ blah, blah, blah. They got loads of people sending in pictures.

I didn't know anything about it - I don't read FHM - but a friend of mine unbeknownst to me just emailed in this picture of me and I got a call from one of the writers saying they'd got down to seven DJs, that they wanted to do a feature on. I didn't realise how big it was, but a lot of my friends who were travelling at the time pointed it out to me - yesterday I got an email and the subject line was "spotted you in a toilet in Canada". Things like that are really weird.

Do you get people recognising you in the street then?
No. I had some funny looks at the time, when it actually came out in February I was in Pop and some guy came up and said I'm sure I've just seen you in a magazine and I just said no, no that's not me.

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