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No 1 Invicta Plaza,
South Bank,

(020) 7261 0981

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The biggest club to open in London for a very long time, the 4,500 capacity Pulse is brought to you by the people who manage Arcadia in London Bridge. Pulse has several individual arches that will host individual events or collectively for huge dance music events.

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Varies according to what's on, please contact venue for more details.

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Reviewer view_reviewer
Saturday nights (XXL) are great. They do some other events there but have never been to those, only to XXL and I must say I have never been disappointed. The music is great, the venue itself is amazing - huge, high ceilings, lots of space to chill out and talk to people. As I say when I try to pitch this place - "the only club in London where people socialize!".
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Reviewer WarehouseLDN
Came to the venue for Morillo opening night which was awful, so naturally when i saw creche had announced their 3rd Birthday at Pulse, i was very dissapointed. I thought i would give it another chance, and im so glad i did. The queue was a bit slow to get in but i think that was due to a bad crowd causing problems at the front, which the security dealt with very well. There was a small queue for the cloakroom which went very fast and the toilets were clean and well presented. The venue itself is amazing, the light shows and 3d mapping on stage is fantastic, along with a great soundsystem. Venue has really turned itself around since the Morillo night i think it deserves a lot of credit for turning things around.
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Reviewer Dalecooper
Went to the solid grooves night and hands down this was the worst club night iv ever been to.an overpriced, overcrowded, overhyped dungeon of misery. all you do is que up for things and try and avoid angry boys looking for something to either f**k or fight.The atmosphere and overall vibe in the club is real bad. Don't bother
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Reviewer mattthehat
Went to the Pulse opening night and vowed never to retrun so was gutted when I found out that the venue for Hot Natured on NYD was their.

We arrived at about 11pm to another huge queue and felt an instant case of deja vu, it was cold and wet and we instantly began to dread what awaited us.

The queue moved quickly though (we were in within twenty minutes) and was well organised. Their were people walking up and down checking tickets and the security were friendly and in control. There was no pushing in or attitude like the Erik Morillo night.

Pulse looks better as well, more mood lighting, decor and plenty places to sit, tables and chairs and the bar service was quicker. Before it was just like a warehouse party, now it seems more polished and certainley more relaxed.

The atmosphere was fantastic, a good crowd and the general vibe was fun loving and friendly.

It was still hot inside, but no where near as bad as before and there were a couple of chill out rooms where you could go sit and chat.

A vast improvement on opening night and would go back.
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Reviewer Fuzzybear704
XXL at Pulse was, overall, a fantastic night.Negative Points: Long queue for members to get in while non members got in quickly. I'm not a member but two of my friends are and I had to queue at a different entrance which was anoying.No Draught beer.Long cloakroom queue.Positives:Venue is amazing. A real huge space with a great atmosphere in every room. Busy without being unable to move.Speed of service, never had to wait more than a couple of minutes to get a drink. Prices were like pub prices as well, shame it was only cans and bottles.Line up - Christian and the Freemasons blew the roof off!!!A great night
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Reviewer beefqueen
Went to Pulse for the first time for XXL NYE last night; I will never go back again.

While the night itself could and should have been great (what's not to love about the XXL clientele and a rocking night from the Freemasons?), the club organisation was an absolute shambles. Went with three friends who weren't XXL members - they got in and had their coats checked within twenty minutes. I was redirected to the 'members' till', where I waited for half an hour to get in, as they had problems with the coat check.

Got inside, tried to check coats into other cloakroom and ended up waiting an hour. Cloakroom staff said that cloakroom was full, despite rows of empty hanging space (apparently reserved for bags) and people taking coats and bags out. Even the promoters said that they thought the cloakroom staff were being idiots but they couldn't do anything about it!

Once finally checked in, drinks were served quickly, though bottles only. However, there appeared to be no busboys, as the tables were overflowing with empty bottles and glasses. Upstairs toilets were blocked and on verge of overflowing and roof was still dripping. There weren't enough people in the venue to fill it fully so it was rather lacking in atmosphere. Then, when it came to leave, there was an hour - an hour! - queue to check out coats.

It's interesting that these problems - queues, overflowing toilets and drips - are exactly what was mentioned on opening night. They clearly haven't been properly addressed.

£20 for three hours' queuing and one hour's dancing in a dirty, smelly and half empty club? Never again.
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Reviewer Philipburns
Had our Christmas party here last night and this place is amazing. DJ Yoda on the decks, casino tables, masseurs, face painting, acrobats, fire breathers, performers galore and cocktail flair training....

Thank you Pulse for the best Christmas party ever!
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Reviewer DrumOnAndOn
Quite possibly the best ever addition to London's Night Life.
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Reviewer clifton2
Went to pulse twice last month, Back to 95 & Soul heaven, both really good nights. Love this club, friendly staff, drink prices o.k. Sound system is fantastic, so were the lazers.
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Reviewer Branch123
Great place, amazing night, looking forward to go back there again. Best club that I have been to in a long time.
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Reviewer Richie.d
Trade's 21st birthday was fantastic, the atmosphere was spot with such a friendly vibe everywhere. The venue and production were first class, quick friendly service and no rip off bar prices. I hope this is Trades new home. :)))))
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Reviewer AndyReed
Pulse is a fantastic venue, real industrial feel to it, cracking sound system with a real friendly vibe. Bar service was quick and the prices were ok, no queues for toilets either (if you use the ones upstairs).
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Reviewer johnjay83
Went here the other night and really was an awesome night out! Highly recommended. Place looked great and was huge! Bar staff and security were really friendly, everything seemed really new and fresh with really good music. Had a really good night, can't wait for the next one!
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Reviewer tobykaye
Was at Pulse for The Elixir of Life on that blisteringly hot day in October and was ready for a sweat fest.

I was met by a large queue, but it moved quickly and there no pushing in or aggro. The security were laid back and joking with us as we came through and were searched which I think is really important as it sets the tone for the rest of the night.

The club itself is amasing. When you walk into the main room with its giant collums and high arches your jaw literally drops. The sound system was fantastic and I particularly enjoyed the orbs set in the smaller arch.

It was quick and easy to get served with three bars and the prices were what you'd expect for a club of this stature. £4/£4.50 bottle beer. £4 spirits. So certainley not a rip off.

The air con worked well despite it being a really hot day outside and the crowd were a fantastic fun loving bunch.

A great night, well done Elixir for putting on a great set.
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Reviewer kevinh
Had a great night here in July 2011. Coat-check was efficient and staff friendly. Toilets are also v good. Club itself has a great industrial feel and the lighting and video walls were fab. That with good music and a sexy crowd made it a really memorable night for me.
(No sign of the issues mentioned in other reviews here)
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Reviewer mabrown1979
Was a bit dubious of attending Pulse after reading the other reviews, but they've really tried hard to iron out the problems from the opening. Drinking water was available in all the toilets and behind the bar, and a new ventalation system has been installed according to the bar staff, it certainly wasn't too hot although the club wasn't full to capacity. The sound system seemed fine and the lighting/lasers were fantastic. The reason I'm giving this club 5 stars though was because of the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. My friend was taken a little ill and I notified the first person I saw which turned out to be the manager, everyone was so nice and helpful the security, the medics, the manager even came back to check on us. If they keep up this kind of effort this will become the best club in London
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Reviewer Freeedom
Poor effort.

A group of us attended "Shake It" on Easter Thursday.

The heat is at dangerous levels during peak times. The sound system is only driven to half its capacity and its filthy in there. No running water either, you need to pay for the privilege of hydration.

If they allow people in for free, they might be onto something.

I doubt I will return to this dump.

Pulse is dog muck - Avoid.
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Reviewer amief1
An awful club. Ridulously disorganised entry despite having tickets, a cloakroom that lost our coat and had no number to call, no airconditioning so it is hotter than I have ever known in a club in London, no running cold water in the toilets so you are forced to by water, dripping ceiling, terrible sound system, blocked toilets and at the end of the night the club taxis were also overpriced. If this was a warehouse venue the standards could be excused but I would certainly expect to be paying less for the whole experience for a venue that describes itself a quality I was horrified and will never return again. A super club it certainly IS NOT!
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Reviewer mramazing
Avoid! Worse club ever! Real Mickey Mouse set up. Whoever dreamt this up must be an amateur. 2hrs in the Que, even tho we had tickets, with no security to stop people pushin in. There were 5-6 bouncers around the one door for everyone to get in, they didn't check the line once. No security inside away from the the 1st 10yards into the main room (almost like they scared to move from the door to the dance floor).30 mins to get a drink from the bar which was at least 3 rows deep with people pushing all the time (again no security to stop this). The roof was either leaking or condensation dropping down into our drinks, either way thats rank. Always in the way! People always pushing past and little wanna be rude boys out way past their bed time showing zero respect for the people that wanted to be there for a good time. Again all the security at the main door doing nothing to try and stop this. Sound system was ok and Erick Morillo 1st class but way to good to be playing a place like this. I doubt any1 in management will reply to these posts as the know we speak the truth and they just getting rich from us mugs. Unless some changes are made soon no one will be going back and the place will close. Even if they offered a free vip nite as way of apology I wouldn't go as the area wound probably be on plastic garden furniture. (and you'd que to get in there!)
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Reviewer emo6
Opening nights all come with teething problems. Pulse has huge potential. It was too busy, but who would want their opening night to be quiet? The sound and visuals are amazing, the toilets need sorted and air con needs to be put in place. But once this is complete London is going to have one hell of a clubbing space that will compliment the likes of Fabric and Mos. It's what the city has been crying out for. Totally urban raw space. Personally Pulse can only get better, and for me that means some serious clubbing for London.
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Abysmal club launch! Bought tickets for the opening a month ago and was really looking forward to seeing what the club had to offer.

Upon arrival we were greeted with the biggest queue I had ever seen. We waited in line for 2 hours, freezing and bored, with people pushing and shoving, until we finally reached the doors. At this point everyone was a little frustrated to say the least and people were coming out ranting that we shouldn't waste our time going in which offered no comfort after the length of time we had be waiting to enter into this 'club'.

Once we were in, we wanted to put our coats and bags in the cloakroom before entering inside, turns out we had to walk into the jam packed club and walk all about the houses over to the other side before we could do that, once again struggling to get through the crowds of people. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to put the cloakroom over the other side of the club is an absolute genius - way to go at making everyone's life that little bit harder!

Because we had no clue where we were going we ended up near the toilets. As usual there was a queue for the ladies which were in a terrible mess. The toilets were smelly, wet and blocked to the brim with toilet paper and other kinds of lovely treats.

After we got downstairs, we had a look at the bar which was surrounded by people, three lines deep in fact, making us decide against once again queuing for a ridiculous amount of time.

The music itself sounded good although it did sound a little muffled at times.

Obviously we knew that the club could hold a 4,500 capacity but it doesn't seem big enough to hold that many people and consequently, everyone was packed in like sardines with no room to breathe let alone dance.

All of this combined with the waiting time, that ruined my party spirit to begin with made us decide to leave after about 25 mins. We simply could not stick it.

A really shoddy attempt at opening a club. Stick to retail Arcad
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Reviewer richyqpr
Right, I attended the grand opening night at Pulse and I must say there Is good and bad points about the club. So, the cue was huge but I expected as much seeing as the club holds 4500 people and it was a sell out! But maybe they could have opened a second door and had 2 cues? the toilets were unisex which as a man I don't care but for a lady it's not nice! And also the worst thing was there were no urinals!? So the men had to cue for the cubicles jut to have a wee! No wonder the toilets flooded because they were over used and abused! Then everyone trod piss around the club and the floor was soaked of it throughout. Not nice when I got home to find my shoes and bottom of my jeans covered in muddy piss! It was overcrowded and you could hardly move in the dance floori say the club should stop being greedy and bring the capacity down to 4000 . Now on the other hand, the valve system was thumping (in the main room), and I have been to a lot of clubs etc. Even with my ear plugs in! And morillo smashed it right till the endit was a good atmosphere in there and everyone seemed to be having a good time despite the toilets etci'd say the cues for the bar were average for the capacity and took no longer than 10 mins to get a drink. To sum it up the club was good, but poorly run, the music was good in the main room but it was overcrowded and the toilets need to seriously be looked at if the club wants to succeed. it also reminded me of seone club which ended up closing down and was not a good club anyway in my opinion. I would like to see how well Pulse is doing in 6 months time. but for now I'd rather go ministry or egg club any day! hope this helped richie C
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Reviewer Missyange
Attended the grand opening of Londons new Super Club, what a joke. Erick Morillo was on the decks and awesome as usual. Wish I could say that for Pulse, we queued for 2hrs even though we had tickets, when we eventually got in the place it was damp, cold and smelly the sound system sounded muffled.

Within a couple of hours the unisex toilets were blocked and flooded and it was rammed to the point where there was no where to dance or not be in a walk way, the pushing and lack of crowd control was hideous. It felt like it raining inside, to get outside you had to cross the dance floor and then queue again.

Once you could get into the ladies there were used sanitary products on the floor due to there being no bins provided, these too were blocked and smelly!

The sound never did improve, and actually getting to a bar to be served took an age! There us so much more but guess that's enough.

Deffo will not be recommending this place to anyone and will not attend myself again!!
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