Aqua Sphereing® Experience for Two

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£66.00  for two, including VAT

Aqua sphereing® experience for two people - available UK wide, including London

Sphereing® is a recreational activity, which emerged in the early 21st century. It involves rolling down an incline in an inflatable, usually transparent, sphere made from PVC. To enjoy sphereing®, you will need to be daring, adventurous, free-spirited and perhaps even a bit mad!

You may or may not have tried bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting and any number of imaginative, adrenaline-fuelled ways to get from the sky to the ground, but if you are willing to try something radical and completely different from all other adventure sports, you simply have to try sphereing®. Sphereing® really does offer you the chance to experience the ride of your life!

Ever wondered what it’s like inside a washing machine? Of course you have! Well now try it for yourself on a large scale with this fun-filled aqua sphereing® experience. With no harness you are completely free in the ball as you and a companion slip and slide around inside the sphere with thirty litres of water! As the sphere starts rolling, it is natural to want to try and remain standing, riding the water as you pick up speed, but by the bottom, most participants emerge soaked with water and a little disorientated, but always with a smile.

Established before 1999, SphereMania® has been rolling people down hills in their spheres for over eight years so you can guarantee your sphereing® experience will be of an extremely high standard.

SphereMania® offers Harness Sphereing® and Aqua Sphereing® experiences at various locations throughout the UK, including the following:

Newcastle West (Stocksfield)
Manchester South (Macclesfield)
London North (Ware)
London West (Reading)
Oxford West (Cheltenham)
North Wales

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Package Details

Aqua sphereing® offers you and a friend the chance to experience the ride of your life!
Experience also available for individuals and for three people
Aqua sphereing® experience for two people
The aqua sphereing® experience is available UK wide, including North London
Roll down a hill in a sphere with 30 litres of water inside!
Reach speeds of up to 30mph

The Small Print

Price is for two people and is inclusive of VAT
Minimum height 3ft10ins and minimum age 7 years (parental consent required up to the age of 18 years)
Participants must not exceed 18 stone (max girth 60 inches)
Please let us know if you suffer from any other conditions and are in doubt of your participation
You cannot experience sphereing® if you are pregnant or are suffering from high blood pressure, any heart conditions or epilepsy
You will not be able to participate in sphereing® if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Aqua sphereing® experience vouchers are valid for all the UK venues listed
The business judgment of a customer weight/height, or any other restriction is final and may be decided upon by SphereMania® staff on your experience day
View London sphereing® vouchers are open dated, valid for 10 months from date of purchase
You cannot experience sphereing® if you have ever suffered any back or neck problems, are undergoing any medical treatment or have had an operation within the past 12 months
Some locations may vary

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