Bungee Jumping Experience

£56.00  inc VAT per person per bungee jump
160 foot bungee jumping experience, located at Bray, Berkshire and other UK locations.

Get the rush of a lifetime when the bungee jumping master shouts, "3 - 2 - 1 - BUNGEE!" as you throw yourself into the air, 160ft up with only a bungee jumping cord attached, rushing to the ground at 60mph.

The UK Bungee Club, established in 1992, has successfully put over 100,000 people through a bungee jumping experience and has helped raise more than £1,000,000 for good causes. The Bungee Club is a travelling bungee jumping club with a bungee venue in Bray, near Windsor (Berkshire) as well as various other locations around the UK.

Aside offering the 160ft bungee jumping experience, the Bungee Club offers a 300ft bungee jump, the Triple Whammy bungee jumping experience, the Awesome Foursome bungee jumping experience and Britain’s first Bridge bungee jump at various locations throughout the UK.

Some facts and figures on the 160ft bungee jumping experience:

  • Height: 160ft bungee
  • Cord & Back-up: 8m rubber cord bungee, stretched to 3 times its length plus static line
  • Cage bungee jumping: carries 5 people
  • Drop speed: 0-60mph in 1.9secs
  • G-force: bungee jumpers experience 2g

To purchase the bungee jumping experience, simply click the order now button and pay online. We will then send you a gift voucher to redeem with the Bungee Club directly, who will give you a list of bungee jumping experience locations and available bungee jumping dates.

The bungee jumping experience is also available in central London, at the O2. For details, click here.

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Package Details

Includes insurance, bungee jumping experience certificate & membership to the UK Bungee Club
All bungee jumpers receive a Diploma in Bungee Jumping
DVDs: £15 for a DVD of your jump
Bungee Jump t-shirts - £15
Buy a DVD, photo & t-shirt for £40 – saving £10
The bungee jumping experience offers free admission for spectators, toilet facilities, food and drink and a scenic setting

The Small Print

Please dress accordingly for the weather conditions. If wearing boots you will need to remove them
Minimum age 14 years for bungee jumping - but parental consent is required for participants under 16 years
You can not experience bungee jumping if you have; high blood pressure, epilepsy, pregnancy, asthma, damage to your neck, spine or eyes.
Experience vouchers are posted 1st class within 24 hours of purchase (excluding weekends). Estimated delivery time 2-3 days
Prices are per person and include VAT
Glasses and hard contact lenses cannot be worn during the bungee jump
To redeem your bungee jumping experience vouchers, please call the number printed on the voucher and you will be given a list of available dates and locations to book
Bungee jumping experience participants over 50 years of age require a doctors certificate
To redeem your bungee jumping experience voucher, please call the number printed on the voucher and you will be given a list of available dates to book
View London bungee jumping experience vouchers are posted first class within 24 hours of purchase (excluding weekends). Estimated delivery time is 2-3 working days
You will not be able to do the bungee jumping experience if you are or appear to be intoxicated
This bungee jumping experience venue has disabled access

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