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Review byMatthew Turner12/06/2003

Three out of Five stars
Running time: 108 mins

Above average sequel that delivers the goods thanks to fast cars and great stunt work but worth seeing for its incredibly high camp factor that makes it occasionally hilarious.

The Fast and the Furious was the surprise smash hit of Summer 2001 and catapulted Vin Diesel to fame. Reputedly Big Vin’s asking price was too high for the sequel, but his loss is the movie’s gain, as Tyrese Gibson (billed simply as Tyrese) proves to be a major star in the making.

Camper Than Glastonbury

The film comfortably delivers on its promise of fast cars, good-looking stars and great stunts, but it also has the added bonus of an extraordinarily high camp factor that makes it quite possibly the gayest blockbuster you’ll ever see. And that includes Batman and Robin.

The plot is paper-thin. Paul Walker reprises his role as Undercover Cop Brian (yes, Brian) O’Connor. He has left the force in disgrace after letting Vin Diesel go at the end of the first film, but he still likes to race, so the exciting opening scene is him racing for cash in Florida, where his opponents include a doll-like girl (Devon Aoki) racing in a day-glo pink Honda, who says things like “Bend over, baby” before ramming her opponents from behind.

Anyway, the cops track Walker down and say "Hey Brian, wanna help us catch Cole Hauser’s Evil Gangster by driving around a lot?" And Brian says "Well, okay, but only if you re-instate me onto the force and team me up with my ex-con, ex-best mate Tyrese, who hates my guts".

So, they meet Tyrese (as Roman Pearse), who is still upset that Brian joined the 'pigs' without telling him. However, boys will be boys and they make up after a girly scrap in about 2 minutes flat. The scrap in question involves the two of them wrestling each other in the dirt in a homoerotic manner.

Just Driving Around...

The rest of the plot just involves a lot of Driving Around Really Fast. There are some very nice cars. A couple of things get blown up. There's a nasty torture scene. And Eva Mendes plays Sexy Undercover Cop Monica Fuentes, who has infiltrated Naughty Mr Hauser’s Gang and may have been ‘compromised’ (i.e. may be shagging him).

Walker (who really is The Blonde Keanu) and Tyrese work very well together and have great chemistry. Their best camp moments include: Tyrese being jealous when Walker checks Mendes out; lots of lines such as “I’ve got something for your ass!”; and Walker telling Tyrese to “put your blouse back on” after he gratuitously strips off to break a car window. It’s also interesting that Walker and Mendes never kiss. And keep an eye out for ‘Fonzie’, the gayest henchman ever.

In short, this is an enjoyable sequel and worth seeing if you like things that go ‘vroom’.

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2 Fast 2 Furious (12A)
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