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Reviewer Antony84
Wow. I'm so glad I didn't pay to see this pile of steaming shite. It's Clarke on an ego trip, and this film is his fantasy world where he is the ever-moody, ever-hard (but still sensitive of course) bully, attempting to mend his ways to a grime soundtrack. With the added 'squirm in your seat' portrayal of all white people as pathetic, feeble-minded, racists or sluts (much like the first movie). This is an exaggerated description of inner London life, I know because I live there. I think it's more what Clarke wishes it was like. Why can't I give it 0 stars?!
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Reviewer TheScreenBiz
"Adulthood" has been a box office hit, taking over £1Million in the first weekend.By despite this it opened to some very scathing reviews.Why is this – why did the critics not like it and why has it been such a success?
Perhaps it is because many of the film critics don't relate to this subject matter whereas this is exactly the type of film our younger generation wants to see. Is there a divide between the established film industry in the UK and the younger cinema going audience?
“Adulthood” is a hard-hitting film, which portrays how a young man, Sam, copes on his first day out of prison, after serving a sentence for murdering a fellow man, Trife. Many people want revenge, and he has to face his demons as people express their anger at what he did and Trife's friends hunt him down. But Sam has had much time to think in prison, enduring tough men and tough conditions, so he is now stronger and wiser and able to use his street experience and wisdom to stem the flow of violence.
The film is fast paced, exciting and full of action with a pumping sound track. The cinematography and editing is tight and polished, without being perfect. But it's not about perfection. The subject matter is definitely not about perfection - it is rough around the edges.
Noel Clarke is a new breed of filmmaker, who uses his experience in life, although apparently "Adulthood" is not autobiographical, to create strong, realistic characters in a scenario which is also realistic and compelling. The film manages to convey life on the streets for many of our young people and how easy it is for one to fall into serious crime. Some reviewers have criticised the film for relying on 'stereotypes', being a 'monotonous portrait of West London depravity in which brutal beatings, muggings, drug dealing and daylight robbery are a way of life'. But, unfortunately, this is often how it is for some youngsters today. Some people may consider the plot exaggerated and sensationalized, but many young peop
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i just wanted to say that the anonymous reviewer who slated the film is obviously a twat with less vibrancy than a corpse. You are definately missing the concept. Stick to The Sound Of Music and Stars On Sunday...
And my verdict is 20 out of 10. Go watch it and learn something....

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Reviewer jason_handley
Think the 2 people who left comments like to sit at home and watch emmerdale everynight lol. SIN THE FILM TONIGHT AND IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST FILMS I HAVE SIN THIS YEAR SO HOPE THERES A THIRD ONE. 20 OUT OF 10 BAD FILM

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Reviewer Anonymous
I would give it zero stars if i could. It's just wrong on all levels. First of all how are we meant feel sorry for violent girlfriend abusing bullying killer? The writer is obviously trying us to get us to forgive somebody who is hard to forgive. I also found it sexist just like the first movie which obviously potrays women as sexual object nothing else. Really this movie just awful don't bother watching it.
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Reviewer Anonymous
A confused mess of a film. Verging from pantomime to melodrama.
Noel clarke obviously loves himself a little too much. There are some decent performances amongst the cast, but not from the lead who is one of the least charasmatic of the ensemble.

People outside of london won't watch this, people inside london shouldn't.
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