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Alice in Wonderland
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Reviewer cyber
I had high hopes for this new adaptation of Lewis Carrol's classic novel, but the end product was a disappointment. The trailers made it look like a great fun fantasy movie in 3D that should be as enjoyable as any Tim Burton movie. However apart from the spectacular special effects and vivid colours, it's along, rather dull and boring experience. I couldn't keep my eyes open for most of the movie. It just didn't fall through together. The entire movie, characters and Wonderland seemed so unrealistic. Even Johnny Depp is without his usual witty humour as a dull Mad Hatter. The film was filled with such unfunny jokes and a lot of the small bits of action resembled a slapstick comedy almost. The acting was just so silly and overblown I could hardly get a grip of it all. Particularly Mia Wasikowska's portrayal of Alice was one of the blandest most colourless characters in movie history. Yet even this wasn't the biggest disappointment neither was the soppy effect. It was the rushed over-the-top ending in the scene where Alice defeats the Jabawoki that really disappointed me. After a quick swordfight, it's all over. A wet hugely unconvincing weak fantasy that would drive anyone insane with it's ridiculousness.
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Reviewer jaminit
I fear I cannot give it any more than 3 stars either.

Depp was good, as were the all the main characters. But admitted when the film had finished my overall feeling was that of a slight disappointment.

Combining a story like Alice with 3D should have worked really well. But I felt that whatever weird and quirky aspects I had hoped from a version of Alice, got lost in translation. Or most probably left on cutting room floor and replaced with flying teacups and other effects. I am a great lover of 3D animation (Avatar was great), and in this aspect it does not fall short. But I don't think a storyline should be edited to fit the 3d.
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Reviewer janeyf
I've read the book, the film would have been so much more enjoyable if it hadn't pretended to be about Alice in Wonderland. The misinformation is just bizarre. Alice was Charles and Mrs Kingsley's daughter? He doesn't exist and there is no need to invent him.
The lets laugh at ugly people attitude flies in the face of everything that is right. No need for the big heads to be an issue, no need for the bridegroom to be ugly AND ginger and so on.
Johnny Depp is an actor, he ought to be good, he isn't exceptional. Helena Bonham - Carter is very good. The effects are exciting but they prop up a creaking film. I'm disappointed, I'm a Burton fan but this is a lazy piece for all the hours he must have invested in it. Get a script writer who can write next time.
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