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Review byJennifer Tate10/10/2013

One out of Five stars
Running time: 96 mins

Sloppy and predictable, Baggage Claim is a clichéd and unoriginal rom-com, thanks to some mediocre performances and an unimaginative script that has very little to offer in the way of laughs and entertainment.

What’s it all about?
Written and directed by David E. Talbert, Baggage Claim stars Paula Patton as Montana, a lonely flight attendant looking for love. Determined not to attend her younger sister’s wedding alone and pressured by her pushy mother to settle down, Montana enlists the help of her friends, Gail (Jill Scott) and Sam (Adam Brody) to help her find a fiancé fast. When Sam suggests intercepting her ex-boyfriends as they fly on her airline, Montana begins a 30-day, 30,000-mile expedition in the hope of rekindling an old flame. But it isn’t long before she realises the reasons why her past relationships didn’t work out in the first place, leaving her to question what (and whom) she really wants.

The Bad
Although not terrible (she can be charming when she wants to be), Paula Patton generally just goes through the motions (although to her defence, she hasn’t got much to play with – more on that later). The support cast are also mediocre as a whole, with the exception of Jenifer Lewis as her overbearing, much-married mother, who unfortunately stands out like a sore thumb thanks to her terrible and desperately wooden performance.

The Worse
David E. Talbert’s script is unimaginative and unoriginal, and feels unashamedly reminiscent of other romantic comedy plots such as The Wedding Planner and What’s Your Number?. At least with these two films, however, the main protagonists can think for themselves every now and again: in Baggage Claim, Montana is so dreadfully 2D and has a frustrating tendency to leave her life decisions up to others (needless to say, she’s not very inspiring to watch and is rather difficult to root for). Whilst there are a couple of scenes that stumble close to just about semi-entertaining, the film generally lacks the comic spark and charisma required to engage with a non-tween audience and the whole premise of the film feels implausible and quite frankly, a little degrading to women. Finally, the sickly-sweet soundtrack is far too dated and uninspired for a film with a 2013 release.

Worth seeing?
With its degrading and been-there-done-that storyline, as well as uncharismatic performances, Baggage Claim feels terribly dated and will no doubt even struggle to enchant its target audience.

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Baggage Claim (12A)
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