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Review byMatthew Turner17/09/2009

Three out of Five stars
Running time: 95 mins

Watchable romantic comedy that stumbles a little but ultimately succeeds thanks to likeable characters and a charming central performance from Chris Pine.

What's it all about?
Directed by James Keach, Blind Dating stars Chris Pine as Danny, a blind 22-year-old whose obnoxious, limo-driving older brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is horrified to discover that he's still a virgin and sets him up on a series of disastrous blind dates as a result.

Meanwhile, Danny's considering an experimental surgical procedure and finds himself falling for a pretty East Indian nurse (Robin Hood's Anjali Jay as Leeza) who works at the clinic, but he's devastated when she tells him she's been promised to another man (Heroes' Sendhil Ramamurthy) in an arranged marriage.

The Good
Released in the US in 2006, the film's belated UK release is largely down to the success of Pine's work as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboot. It's probably a good bet – Pine is an extremely likeable actor and he delivers a charming performance here that effortlessly carries the film; he also has genuine chemistry with Anjali Jay, who's equally charming as the conflicted Leeza.

There's also strong support from Eddie Kaye Thomas, Frank Gerrish (as Danny's dad) and Alemia Praggastis (as Danny's younger sister), while Jane Seymour (who's married to the director) contributes an amusingly batty cameo as Danny's therapist who has issues of her own. In addition, the script is never exactly laugh-out-loud funny (the dog shit gags, as always, are a serious mis-step and should have been dropped), but it's likeable enough and it does manage to push a few emotional buttons, particularly towards the end.

The Bad
That said, the films flaws don't quite end there: Leeza's family are straight from The Big Book of Indian Stereotypes, while for every likeable, well-rounded character there's an over-the-top, painfully unfunny caricature that doesn't work at all (e.g. every single one of Danny's blind dates, including a thoroughly wasted Jayma Mays).

Worth seeing?
If you've ever wanted to see Heroes' highly irritating Dr Suresh take a knee to the balls, then this is the movie for you. Otherwise, Blind Dating is a flawed but essentially likeable romantic comedy that succeeds thanks to a charming performance by rising star Chris Pine. Worth seeing.

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