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Review byMatthew Turner28/05/2008

Four out of Five stars
Running time: 85 mins

Hugely enjoyable, superbly directed French romcom with a terrific script and strong comic performances from Frederique Bel and writer-director-star Emmanuel Mouret.

What's it all about?
Writer-director Emmanuel Mouret (who has an amusing hangdog expression and looks a lot like Sean Hughes) stars as David, a French French horn teacher looking for a room to rent. After meeting ditzy blonde Anne (Frederique Bel) he's soon sharing both her apartment and her bed, despite her professed attraction to someone else.

Evidently David's not much of a one for boundaries because apart from fancying his flatmate he also falls in love with Julia (Audrey Tautou-alike Fanny Valette) one of his music students. After a shaky start, things seem to be going well with Julia…until they meet smooth-talking restaurateur Julien (Dany Brilliant) when he stops a bag-snatcher from stealing her bag.

The Good
This is a beautifully written, achingly funny film that will strike a chord with anyone who's ever had their dream girl (or boy) stolen from right under their nose. There are some lovely scenes, particularly the montage of Anne and David playing Monopoly, having sex and just hanging out.

The performances are lovely too – Frederique Bel delivers a delightfully ditzy comic turn as Anne (think Phoebe from Friends, though she looks a lot like Hope Davis). Similarly, Dany Brilliant is extremely good as Julien – it would have been very easy to make that character objectionable and it's to Mouret's credit that he never goes down that route.

The Great
The set-up of the tiny, privacy-free apartment allows for some terrific comic scenes and Mouret delivers plenty of laughs. In particular, the scene where Anne and David sleep together while both fantasising (out loud) about the people they fancy is extremely well done and very funny.

Worth seeing?
This is a hugely enjoyable romantic comedy that strikes a perfect balance between heartbreaking and hilarious. Highly recommended.

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