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Review byMatthew Turner28/08/2009

Three out of Five stars
Running time: 90 mins

For a film made on such a tiny budget, Colin is a phenomenal achievement, with terrific special effects and some nice ideas, but it also drags horribly in the middle section and is hampered by a lack of both structure and humour.

What's it all about?
Directed by Marc Price and made for an astonishingly low budget, Colin is a British zombie movie told from the zombie's point of view. The film begins with a young man named Colin (Alastair Kirton) rushing into his flat and quickly locking the door, with sounds of chaos reigning outside; after a vicious fight with his zombiefied flatmate, we discover that Colin himself has been bitten and he soon turns into one of the undead.

Initially defeated by the locked door (thanks to his unresponsive fingers), zombie-Colin eventually makes it outside when he accidentally falls out of a window. He then shuffles around the city and has various encounters involving both people he knows and hordes of angry zombie-killers before finally ending up in a place that seems eerily familiar.

The Good
It’s unlikely that the film was really made for the £45 the publicity machine would have you believe, but that insanely low figure does serve the useful purpose of both a) generating publicity and b) preparing you for the very low budget look of the film and the possibly a little too shakey shakey-cam that's used throughout. That said, the film still represents an astonishing achievement and the special effects are as good as anything in, say, Shaun of the Dead. Similarly, the film has several nice ideas and the final twenty minutes or so are both exciting and genuinely moving.

The Bad
The biggest problem is that the lengthy middle section drags (or rather, shuffles) horribly and is poorly shot (at least compared to the rest of the film), whilst the film in general lacks structure, although the minimal dialogue is a bold choice that works surprisingly well. In addition, the film could have used much more in the way of black humour and the zombie POV idea never really pays off in an interesting way.

Worth seeing?
Colin is something of a mixed bag, but the combination of the superb effects and an enjoyable and ultimately moving finale ensures that it's definitely worth seeing, despite its flaws.

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Colin (18)
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