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Review byMatthew Turner26/07/2002

Three out of five stars
Running time: 90 mins

Odd film that is either embarrassingly awful or a bizarre work of genius, although it's safe to say that Irwin's fans won't be disappointed.

Anyone who's ever caught an episode of Steve Irwin's hit TV show ("The Crocodile Hunter") will know exactly what to expect - 'Steve-O' (accompanied by his wife Terri) zooms around the outback tangling with wild and deadly animals, all the while delivering a chatty, frequently funny to-camera commentary that's vaguely reminiscent of an Aussie David Bellamy, sans beard (and even a hint of sanity. Ed.).

The movie, then, takes this set-up and pretends that this is how they live their lives - whenever they're onscreen, the action is filmed in the to-camera style of their TV show.

Two None-too-bright CIA Agents

However, there's also a plot of sorts. A satellite falls to earth and is promptly swallowed by A Gigantic Croc. Two none-too-bright CIA agents are promptly despatched to recover it, along with blonde Aussie bombshell Kate Beahan, who may be working for someone else, though it doesn't really matter.

Also in pursuit of the croc is Brozzie Drewitt (Magda Szubanski, who played the farmer's wife in Babe), an irate cattle farmer determined to blow the croc to kingdom come for eating her cows. Meanwhile, a local ranger (future star David Wenham, from Dust) entrusts Steve and Terri to rescue the croc and remove it to another river system. Chase sequences, inevitably, ensue.

Step Outside

The 'collision course' of the title, then, could equally apply to the dynamics of the plot and its eventual incursion into Steve and Terri's lives. The central joke of the movie is that they never 'step outside' their TV show - moreover, they treat the pursuing agents exactly the way they'd treat a wild animal. This leads to a hilarious, oddly subversive scene in which Steve and Terri motor their boat past the two agents who are floundering in the river (attracting croc attention), saying "Those two had better be careful, or the hunters will become the hunted. Still, that's just Nature's Way..."

There's no denying that Irwin has a unique screen presence - his enjoyable cameo in The Nutty Professor 2 probably helped secure the development of this film. Admittedly, he isn't really acting, but he's a lot more comfortable being himself onscreen than Terri is.

Unquestionably Silly

At any rate, there are several funny lines and a good number of laugh-out-loud moments. It's unquestionably silly, but it's played with such enthusiasm that you don't really mind. Similarly, the sequences with the deadly animals are exciting, although fans of the TV show will have seen it all before.

In short, this is an odd film, but it's sufficiently different to be worth checking out. Fans won't be disappointed and if you're not one already, you may find yourself a convert by the end.

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Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (PG)
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