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Eastern Promises
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Reviewer trinnie
this filmed gripped me from start to finish. in parts it was shocking and gritty, showing the darker side to london. plus its great to see a film portray prostitution for the unglamourous, disgusting trade that it is. although he did not get much screen play, vin cassel's character was really interesting, and said alot about male identity in such a masculine setting. but viggo mortensen stole the show as a hardened russian gangster. this film is worth a look to anyone who doesn't just want to your average hollywood trash.
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I didnt really like this Directors film 'The history of Violence' so was a bit apprehensive about seeing this. However I was pleasantly suprised and completely blown away by this film that packs a real emotional punch.

The acting and direction are superb- but The lead actor Viggo Mortensen gives a truely amazing performance as the lead- it is totally gripping and elctrifying - and manages to make you really fear him, yet also see the good that is deep beneath him. He obviously did a lot of prep work before the film to get into charecter not least his very cinvincing accent and physically training to look like a physically fit Russian with prison tattos who you definately would not want to come accross let alone mess with. He has the most incredible screen presance that exudes controlled menace yet still with a heart-and a glimpse of his own pain -(Al Pachino eat your heart out). The part of the father is also outstandingly played- both paternal pensioner and a warm courteous restaurant host - but with the evil chill and ruthlessness underneath. Naomi Watts as the caring haunted nurse and Vincent Cassel as the alchoholic weak bullying son also excell. It is rare to see a film where all the actors are so good. And the tension is really tight - it really is a good thriller with a good twist. The photography and set design and costumes really sum up a dark Eastern underworld with its own rules - a world of its own unseen by most going about ther business on the streets of London. It is rare I rave about a film this much - but I urge people to go and see this. if for no other reason than 3 oscar worthy performances by the 3 male leads, and the very tight direction. The fight scene in the sauna had the audience shreiking out loud when I saw it! And the script is also so very good.
Briliant stuff! go see and enjoy.
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Reviewer Anonymous
This wasn't very suspenseful and got a bit weird at times. I might buy it on DVD tho.
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