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Review byMatthew Turner27/11/2002

One out of Five stars
Running time: 115 mins

Laughably awful thriller that would qualify as a “so bad it’s good” movie if it were actually any good – it’s as if Sleeping With The Enemy never happened.

Poor Jennifer Lopez. These days it seems as if her taste in movie projects is almost as bad as her taste in husbands. With a string of stinkers such as The Cell, The Wedding Planner, Angel Eyes and now Enough, the days when she was associated with quality movies such as U-Turn or Out Of Sight are getting further and further away. If she’s not careful, she’ll wind up being more famous for her marriages, her music and her arse than her movies. Whoops…too late.

Plot From Hell

The plot is straight out of ‘The Fill-In-The-Blank From Hell Book Of Clichés’, with the ‘blank’ in this case being her husband. This is to say, it’s more or less a remake of the Julia Roberts ‘thriller’ Sleeping With The Enemy, in which Julia marries and then tries to escape a man who is obsessed with straightening the tea-towels and is therefore clearly a psychopath.

La Lopez plays Slim, a waitress in a diner, where her best friend is fellow waitress Juliette Lewis (giving the best performance in the film). She meets and falls for Mitch, a rich, handsome diner played by Billy Campbell of ‘The Rocketeer’ fame.

BOOM – Instant Psychopath

A quick montage shows them getting married, having a baby and moving into a big house and then one day, she discovers he’s having an affair and – SMACK - he punches her in the face. Just like that. Five years of presumably trouble-free marriage and then – BOOM - Instant Psychopath. Isn’t life cruel?

So, naturally, “Slim” makes a run for it, but Naughty Rocketeer Man has employed Noah Wyle (Dr Carter from E.R.) to track her down. Only director Michael Apted appears to have told Wyle to play the character as a giggling, goggle-eyed psychopath, so instead of merely following them, he tries to kill them instead. What you essentially have, then, is J-Lo versus The Rocketeer and Evil Doctor Carter.

It gets increasingly worse. Naughty Rocketeer Man seems to be able to find them wherever they go. She hides out with an ex-boyfriend she doesn’t really love (Dan Futterman) and gets money from her estranged father (Fred Ward as – wait for it - “Jupiter”). Then a lawyer tells her that she’s pretty much blown her chances for custody by not reporting Mitch’s attacks, so she decides to fight back, ninja-style…

Unintentionally Hilarious And Horribly Bad

As if Slim’s sudden transformation into kick-ass heroine wasn’t bad enough, she also acquires a multitude of gadgets to help her do so. One in particular seems to come from nowhere. (We see her buy one of the things, so presumably the shop was Mr Q’s Gadget Emporium). She also wears a variety of different wigs in the movie – so many that you’ll get confused as to exactly how many wigs she’s wearing at any one time. Really, it’s like James Bond, only with a cuter behind.

One of the film’s stranger elements involves the use of ‘quirky’ captions, Frasier-style, as if dividing the film into chapters. These, however, are somewhat ill advised. One, for example, says “Get out! Now!” and by that point, you’ll be more than tempted to interpret it as an imperative…

Enough, then, is unintentionally hilarious, particularly the unbelievably silly climax. It’s so awful that you’ll be shaking your head and laughing at how bad it is. However, in all honesty, it’s not worth forking out West End Cinema prices to see it – you’re much better off waiting for the video and getting a few beers in at the same time. After all, Enough is enough.

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Enough (15)
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