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Review byMatthew Turner24/04/2013

Two out of Five stars
Running time: 86 mins

Michael Marczak's documentary has an interesting central subject but the lack of background is frustrating and the film's observational style means that it's hard to get to know the characters in any real depth, so it's difficult to engage with them on an emotional level.

What's it all about?
Directed by Michal Marczak, Fuck For Forest is a documentary about Berlin-based ‘erotic, non-profit, ecological organisation’ Fuck For Forest (or FFF), who support various save-the-planet-type causes by persuading strangers to participate in erotic photographs and videos, which are then sold on the internet. Using occasional deadpan narration, the film concentrates on three members in particular: FFF founders Tommy and Leona, and Norwegian former Olympic show-jumper Danny, whose middle-class family are struggling to come to terms with his new career direction.

After a number of different recruitment drives in Europe, the group eventually travel to the Columbian rainforest, hoping to invest their proceeds in a project there. However, they are unprepared for the reaction they receive.

The Good
Fuck For Forest are an intriguing group, whose hearts certainly seem to be in the right place, even if their methods essentially make them eco-friendly pornographers; there are scenes involving the group persuading strangers to make sex films with them that have a distinctly uncomfortable feel to them. The group also have a potentially fascinating set-up as regards their own complicated personal relationships and their ‘free love’ attitudes but Marczak doesn't seem interested in exploring that idea.

The Bad
The biggest problem is that the group are a largely unlikeable bunch, so you end up resenting being forced to spend so much time with them, especially since Marczak chooses to make the film purely observational, with no to-camera interviews. Similarly, the film suffers from a lack of background information that is ultimately frustrating; we never learn how the group came about, or why Marczak chose to film them or even how each member came to join the group.

On top of that, it's never clear how Marczak wants us to react to these people: it's impossible to watch the opening scenes without feeling sorry for Danny, for example, but the group as a whole become more and more laughable as the film goes on.

Worth seeing?
Your tolerance of Fuck For Forest may largely depend on your own hippie-ish tendencies, but this is ultimately a frustrating documentary that fails to explore its subjects in sufficient depth.

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F*ck For Forest (18)
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