Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (12A)

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
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Reviewer AndrewHLondon
By far the best Harry Potter so far. It is way more atmospheric than the previous films, has some proper action scenes courtesy of a grander showdown than previous plots, and ties together some loose ends nicely. However, looses a star because none of the 3 main actors have learnt to act even after all this time and the ending was a bit wet.
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Reviewer candgtjsmztd
really enjoyed this film ...it made total sense in the end
also really great ending... might read all the books now and found it to be very clever, great script ..
having seen first few and enjoyed them, then loosing gradual interest and found deathly hallow 1, a bit boring...So was not excited about this , and went thinking, am glad it will be all over with, but had to see it having seen them all...
I came away having loved the film , fabulous amazed how interesting it was ....lovely. probably the best one of the whole lot with the first
am sad the series is over now...
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Reviewer zivile91
Well, really it wasn't expecting at all. It was quite boring, one second there's this build up of excitement but then it's destroyed completely and bores you by cutting to people filming the films or actually talking about them. We have seen these films, we have also seen trailers and interviews about these actors and directors and so on that I really don't understand why we have to see it in a trailer. The trailer is supposed to be exciting and magical a child's story that we have grown up, but instead the trailer is like a commentary/ documentary.

However it did start it was beautiful and I understood and enjoyed what they where showing and trying to make the trailer into reminisce of the past and how it all began and how the characters and the films have developed, which was a fantastic idea.
However, I shall repeat myself about the fact that they should have continued with how they stared and scene after scene from the next film then the next and etc. Not going forward or back just showing the development of the story events that then leads to the final most important even (final) between Harry and Lord V.

Overall, because Harry Potter the last film coming out I believe that its a big deal because its one of those films that kids watch and a large amount of people grew up with this film, which means that its going to be a big/major deal for a large amount of people all over the world that have seen Harry Potter before and this trailer doesn't show it. It doesn't look like its a big film that everyone wants to see not at all. It needs a lot more work, for sure.
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